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Why You Must Write Your Own Book

There are so many people around us who like to write. A lot of them keep journals, write blogs or on fan forums which is good especially when it helps your inner writer and creative person grow. In today’s age, where there is unrestricted access to other people through social media, communication and effective one has become important to express your thoughts. You can voice your opinion efficiently on public forums if you really know your way around words, and may impact younger minds towards better thought process.

But, if you are a writer who just does not like but loves to write then a mere blog might just not be enough.

You need more, a lot more than that.

Before you begin writing, ask yourself: why do you want to write? Is it for you or for the people? Yes, the consequences differ with different intentions to begin with.

If writing is your passion and you actually want to write for yourself, here are a few reasons why you should step up from writing blogs/journals/fan forums and try writing an actual book, a novel of some sort or anything that interests you.

Explore Your Creativity

Everybody is born intelligent and creative; but most of the aspiring writers sit back after hearing people’s comments ‘forget it, you can never do it.’ And we are left to believe that writing is probably for the most intelligent species amongst us. I would give you only one advice here, do not think too much about it, if you feel like you should be writing, do it. Your mind will automatically begin pouring in ideas once you begin penning them down.

Express Yourself

Words are powerful and you can use those to spark excitement among readers, play with their imaginations, and control it even. Sounds fun, right? When you have the pen in your hand and the imagination of a creative writer, you can do things with words that no other tool can. You become the creator of a fictional world where everything functions under your command. You have the will to express yourself the way you like, the way you please and you don’t have to follow anybody’s command.

Gain Credibility

There is always that big step you take, in any field, to become a professional and in case of writing that major break can be a book, your book. You might have the skills and the talent to execute a certain task but people rarely pay attention towards you unless a notion of ‘professional’ is attached with you. When you write a book you gain instant credibility in your social circle and among customers as well. People will see you as a professional and will trust your work.

Become An Expert

Up until now people might not have taken you seriously as a writer, am I right? But when you have a book written or published under your name, or even when you are in the process of writing one, people’s perception about you being a writer or becoming a successful one in future will change. Writing a book is probably the fastest way for you to become an expert on the matter because the process would involve some research and thought-process which gives you enough insight into the matter to actually write about it.

Make Money

They say get a job that you enjoy and you won’t have to work a single day in your life. That is true and who would disapprove of their dream job also paying house rent, electricity bills and insurance instalments right? If you market your book properly and that involves constant social media presence as well, your book will definitely sell locally if not internationally for now. It can be the start of a very lucrative career. Your job is what you love to do and it beings you money as well.

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Good luck with writing.

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