Why More Than Half Small Businesses Have No Websites Yet?

They’re cheap, simple and take around 30 minutes to set-up and despite of all this majority of the small businesses don’t have their own professional website. The issue is that striving and becoming successful in any business these days is not possible without making an active online presence. Most of the owners of small business say that they don’t have the time and money to start up a website. They think that not only will it cost them a lot but they won’t be able to handle the rush of orders once they go online.our website

Upon asking few of the owners of the small businesses one of them says, who happens to be dealing in the farmers market, that he is afraid that he might not be able to cope up with the technology and digital world and may ruin his business in the whole which he cannot afford as his family depends on it entirely.

Most of the owners say they don’t have time to get involved in the web design Dubai. Even if they get help from professionals they need to invest in time which they would rather place in establishing and expanding their business at the time. Even though setting up a website is rather simple these days as compared to the past, it still needs input from your end which if you are in the initial stages of your business, may not be able to foresee correctly.

If we place the reasons which small companies give for not going online, then generally they fall into three categories, first the affordability, second the complexity of the websites and lastly the maintenance costs.

Were these may seem excuses to the professionals, but there are things on which small companies need to cleared out in regard to websites. For starters, you don’t have to spend a lot on your website, start with a basic website with simple features which gives a true picture of your business, as you flourish you can update and add along and make your website trendy and up-to-date. People expect to get the information they need from a site, you can save all the fancy things for the future. As long as your business is on the net, you’re good to go.

Though websites may seem complex if you don’t have any background to this world, but hand over this work to the professionals and they will make it look like a piece of cake to you. All you need to do is provide them basic information of your business and rest is their responsibility. Development companies, when the make your website, also take up the maintenance side and at very affordable rates. You just have to land in the right hands.

Where websites may seem like an accessory to most of the small business owners out there, they will soon realize that having a solid presence online can make a huge difference in their business. People spend most of their time on the net now days, and if you’re not there, how will they know about you? For website development in Dubai visit our office in business bay Dubai.

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