Why Do Local Businesses in Dubai Need a Website?

We all know that importance of having an online presence is increasing day by day. Due to this very reason all of the companies, organizations and businesses whether small or large are adjusting their strategies and changing their way of approaching things accordingly. Despite of all this, above 50% of the small businesses in Dubai still don’t own a website. The reason for this is most of the owners of such businesses think that their work is going fine offline too but the truth is carrying on with your business without an online presence can become risky putting the digital frenzy we are all living in these days. If you among those businesses looking for web design in Dubai contact Incubasys.

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This is the internet age! Around 80% of the consumers make use of internet to search for different products and services they need before the actually buy something. Majority of the people these days assume that you have a company website and upon searching for it, will be appalled to find no online existence of it. Chances are majority of your competitors already have a website so don’t let them grab your consumers by not having a website.

Let’s give you some solid reasons that why a website is important for you.

  1. Dubai is a market hub now! If you want to establish your grounds here you need to put in a lot, we repeat a lot! Because with so much competition around here, even making yourself noticeable is not a simple task and above all that if you don’t have a website for your work, you can evaluate your position in this market very well. With a well-developed professional website your company will get credibility. In-case you already have a website but its simple then get it updated by professional developers as they are well aware of the ins and outs of the internet world.
  2. One major reason why majority of the small businesses avoid of getting a professional website developed is that they think it will cost them a lot. Well, though the cost of getting a website developed varies but once it’s up and in running state it can cost you less than $100 per month and in cases around $20 or even less. If you compare this cost to printing ads in newspapers, brochures etc. it’s worthier! And above all you will reach the masses via this not to forget you’ll be present all over the world.
  3. Website will help you in keeping your customers informed and updated about your happenings. Think of a website more in terms of a brochure or a type of catalogue. When it comes to update information, a website is simpler and easier as compared to magazines, brochures etc. and also cheaper. Via a website you can easily let your customers know about your new products, services, events, launches, promotions and much more.
  4. Another advantage of having a website is that it is available 24/7. This means that all of your business is accessible to your present and potential customers whenever they want. They can even view your products and service details when your office is closed. Considering the busy lifestyle all of us are involved in, having access whenever we are free is quite a big deal.
  5. Now days there are many options to integrate your website with social media too. Via these sites you can easily direct the traffic to your website whenever you have got something new to share. Sites like Facebook, You-Tube, twitter, Flick and Vimeo etc. allow inbound links which can increase your page rankings during searches too.
  6. With the help of a good website your customer service can improve a great deal. Whether you deal in cosmetics, provide some sort of services, sell environmental friendly products or perhaps you are a lawyer who wants to give legal advices, by making a detailed FAQ page, adding new articles, blog posts and contact us page you can answer all your queries on time and keep a satisfied customer base all the time.
  7. You can think of your website as an extension to your business and can transform the way your company works and meet the new demands of the industry. Your website is your salesperson and your best customer service associate. Not only it is reusable, it is easily changeable and serves at top for advertisement. Here you can read about 7 Things to check before launching any website

A website is one of such platforms which can change your business entirely. Though it may seem intimidating at first considering so much is going on in the internet world keeping up with the pace may seem a bit hard, but with proper professional services and expert knowledge all this can become not only easy but worth your effort and money. If you’re not on the internet with your business till now, then it’s never too late to make an entry.

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