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Why Apps May Become More Important Than Your Website

Mobile apps have been around ever since smartphones came into being and now these have become a staple for businesses so much so that many companies are now transferring their businesses solely to apps and abandoning websites for good. All of this started with the growing hype around the developing market but how sustainable is the business run through apps alone? We shall know this with the passage of time but for now, the business is booming and is no less than profitable for companies. People carry smartphones with them everywhere and connect to internet through those mobile devices instead of laptops and computers. Moreover, apps offer a user-experience which websites are unable to provide.

For some business owners who are still on the verge of deciding to opt for mobile apps their benefits might be understated and surprising. As seen around us, apps are becoming more important to companies than websites and widgets and here are a few reasons given to justify this overpowering of mobile apps over websites:

Ubiquity of Smartphones and App Stores

Although smartphones have taken over the world and every household on the face of the Earth, even then there are many places where people are still getting acquainted with the devices and purchasing at a fast rate. Hence, smartphones will soon replace all other telephone operating systems in the near future. As we know, smartphones are dependent on app stores and users have direct access to those stores where they can purchase apps of all kinds. Considering the ubiquity of smartphones and app stores, it will not be a wise decision to reach out to as much market as you can through these devices.

Closeness to Customers

People are more in contact with their smartphones, iPads and similar devices than laptops and computers. The market out there is a race and anyone who is more efficient at reaching out its customers and marketing their products with them is bound to get popular and successful. With devices so close to people all the time, companies get the chance to put their products and services closest to customers, just a hand’s distance away.

Increased Sales

When a company successfully reaches out to its customers through smartphones and apps, it is bound to get more business eventually. Apps allow you to promote and make new business with push notifications, by taking direct orders and leaving out no space between the customer and the company. It is, but natural that people will choose the option to do online shopping which is more convenient and reachable, hence smartphones are used more than laptops.

More Efficient service

While it is easier for companies to reach out to their customers through smartphones and apps to market their products and services, it is equally appealing to them to ask customers for their opinions and feedback via the same means. All they require is an efficient customers service department which knows its ways around customers and asking for their opinions without getting on their nerves with lengthy calls and surveys.

Better Visibility

Although there are thousands of apps on Apple App Store as well as Google Play Store, however making an image among thousands of apps is still better than struggling for top search positions in SEO among millions of websites. The apps which are designed for the purpose of selling products and services are unlike any other website with promotion of products and selling as central features. Retaining all other means of marketing including social media and print marketing, you can have your app known among the masses more easily as compared to working for months on SEO of website.

No wonder these and many other reasons have compelled some companies to take a detour from websites and embrace app store idea. And it will be of no surprise to us if others will follow along too. Smartphones are the next generation of devices and that is where businesses have focussed their eyes on.

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