What Makes Someone Leave Your Website?

One of the aspects of having a successful website is that you have visitors that are attracted towards it. Keeping your visitors on your website is another topic in its own. It’s obvious once you have the visitors on your site you would want them to stay there rather than giving a glance and browsing to the next one. In order to keep them at your place and increase your online page viewers it’s important to think what could be the reasons people may leave your website. By knowing some of the reasons you can make few adjustments in your website and change the situation al-together.

Not accessible

When we talk about accessibility, then keep in mind that this is quite a buzz word amongst the developers and designers in the web world. If your site is not accessible to your users, they will simply leave no matter how “outs of the world” your site may be. Well think about it, if the users can’t access your site what other option do you leave them? With a number of different browsers and internet connections creating a website which is accessible on all different platforms has become quite a challenge. If you are looking for someone to help you with that you may contact incubasys the web design company in U.A.E.

Poor navigation

If your users have difficulty in navigating through the content of your website and finding out what they might be looking for, they will eventually leave. Probably we can all relate to such a situation. This is the reason navigation should be given special thought and consideration. Those pages which are most important to your business should be extremely easy to find. The navigation should be intuitive. If the website is large then a sitemap could be very useful.

External Links

Almost all the websites have links to other websites especially blogs which are full of them. Where each link has its own purpose and gives value to the visitors the reality is some of the visitors will leave through these links and never return. We are not saying this is a bad thing but you should not leave it out of consideration too. Let’s take an example, if you have a page that sells, then probably you would not want to have external links but would want to keep the people on your page. We are not suggesting that you should have no links at all but it depends on the situation and nature of your website.


These form the source of income to a good number of websites and blogs but at the same time they also cause the site few visitors too. The main purpose of any advertisement that is paying you to get a banner on your site is to get exposed and generate more clicks. This is something which you cannot avoid if you are into selling ads. Else don’t sell advertisements and you will give one less excuse to your visitors to leave your website.


Anyone who is visiting your website will at one point leave. This does not imply that everyone will leave with a bad impression. If you run an e-commerce website you will see many happy customers leaving your website after making a purchase. If you own a blog many people can get useful information and then leave. The main point is that they should leave satisfied. If you cannot provide the user what he or she came for he will leave frustrated with a bad image of your link in his mind.

Meet their anticipations

There are chances that you might have experienced this scenario that you clicked on a link with one mind-set and after few minutes it turned out to something else. Yes, well the truth is you cannot exactly pin-point the expectations of the users in regard to your website but still you can meet their basic needs by providing information relevant to your business line and other details which they might find informative. Stay focused.

Non-professional attitude

This is a big deal. If your site looks unprofessional then you will lose the deal in no time. When you’re making a presence in the industry your users and visitors expect you to show professionalism even on the internet because things are getting pretty competitive. A website which does convey that you are serious about your work gives a message that you are not serious about your customers too so why will they want to stay?

Slow execution

Nobody likes to wait and wait for the pages on a website to load. In this fast age people want instant results and if your site fails to do so, they will leave for the next one. Definitely the speed of the connection they have also plays a role so it’s not completely under you control but still you can ensure things from your side by using programs like Google Analytics to check what percentage of your users have various internet connections. With the help of this data you can find out at what speed your pages need to load.

Not to date

Have you ever come across a website which says last updated on “Feb 2003″? Depending on what you might be looking for usually such outdated websites are of no use to people. Things are changing so rapidly that even few months’ old information gets irrelevant. Once you are setting up your website or blog, decide thoughtfully if you want to show the date parameters or not. Often users look for the date to get an idea about the context of the posts and its significance.

These are few of the factors about which you will have to keep yourself aware if you want to get a hold of your visitors. You main goal is to keep them engaged, so try different ways and see which works the best

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