How To Use Instagram For Businesses

Companies use social media platforms everyday to increase their client approach and raise their brand awareness. There is no doubt that investing your company’s time in social media campaigns can be beneficial but beware, if you do not follow a proper strategy to market your brand your social media efforts will all end in vain. Marketing your company on Instagram is no different and requires you to have a solid approach and clear idea of what and how you want to promote your business. Check out our following points and make your business marketing strategy on Instagram an effective one.

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Create A Business Page

Instagram offers two types of pages to its users: Personal or business. Business pages have access to greater benefits as comapred to personal pages therefore make sure you are choosing the right option. Do not make a personal page to represent your business that will do no good. Categorzing your business page properly on Instagram will show you up in wider range of search results and will even increase your chances of showing up in Google search results.

Strong Brand Strategy

Before setting out a business page, make sure you have your goals clearly set. Do you want to increase your brand’s awareness? Want to sell your products? Or do you simply intend to gain more followers? Setting out a strategy and sticking to it is the only way you can achieve your goals on Instagram. Your page should give out a consistent message to your followers instead of showing confusion.

Share Settings

Every social media platform takes time to settle down, grow and bring traffic. You can save your time and increase your posts’ reach by connecting your Instagram profile with your business’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. Doing so will allow you to share your pictures everywhere in just a single click.

Theme your photos

Make sure photos your identity. Whether it is through the use of the same filter, including your products in the pictures or saying things in a consistent way, you need to give reasons to your followers to recognize your photos in an instant without even looking at the name. Doing so will enable you to build up an identity among your followers via simple photos.

Embed Instagram Photos On The Blog

Share your photos on your blog or website using the built-in embed code on your Instagram photos and direct the traffic from website/blog to your Insta account. You can encourage your readers to follow you on the app like so.

Sponsored Ads

Sponsored ads allow you to remain in search results of desired keywords for specific time duration. This option is not yet available to everyone but soon it will be. Like GoogleAds, you can buy your ad space for specific keywords and have your photos remain visible in the search results for specific time period.

Promotional Codes

Everyone loves discounts, we all do. Sharing special discount coupons or promotional codes with your followers will practically engage them with your brand instead of just being followers. Giving some benefit to your followers will engage them easily with your page and brand.

Regram Tagged Pictures

Resharing the pictures that your users have shared of your brand is a great way to show appreciation to your fans and also tell others how people enjoy your products. This will also encourage people to share your photos in hopes that you will share theirs. It’s a great way to involve people with your brand.

Photo Contest

Start a photo contest with a custom hashtag and invite your followers to share it with others to win something. This is beneficial for both sides; your followers will do rest of the work for you and have your brand exposed to their followers at no cost to you or your company.

Showcase Your Employees

Instagram is all about being visual with your company and brand, us this to your advantage and showcase your employees and work environment to your followers to build a relation based on trust. This takes time but is worth it.

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