Top 5 Web Designing News Websites in Dubai

Keeping up with news, events and latest ins and outs is very much an ease now with the internet available everywhere. Dubai is one of the biggest business hubs in the world with all the important and big events and occasions happening there every day and what’s the best way to know it all just a click away. Today here we list top five News websites in Dubai which cover everything from daily news, business news, IT news related to web design and development and entertainment as well. For news and events related to web design, mobile apps or digital marketing happening in Dubai, we recommend you check out the following websites and stay updated anywhere and everywhere.

Gulf News

Gulf News is one of the top and best rated news websites in Dubai and not to forget, one of most reliable ones too. You can read anything from latest hot topics, business news, daily life news, sports news to IT news which involves daily happenings in the world of web design and development. Gulf news as the name suggests cover every country in this region including UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudia Arabia, Kuwait and international as well.


Zawya being one of the finest and paramount news source of Dubai and surrounding countries covers everything in the most professional and precise manner. From top stories, exclusive stories from Dubai and around the world, news on economy, politics, agriculture, construction, education, healthcare, Islamic finance, real estate, transportation to telecom and IT, they have everything for you under one website. For all the latest news and event coverage on web and apps design and development, we say you check it out.


DesignMena as the names says it, is the website dedicated to architects and the news surrounding their work. You can look into profiles of world’s most renowned architects, industrial designers, interior designers and landscape designers here under the People section. They also cover inspirations taken from around the world related to architecture and latest insights, news, thoughts and happenings on everything related to architecture and designing.

Time Out Dubai

Time Out Dubai is a great website for someone who is visiting Dubai or nearby areas and want to check out best and promising hotels, restaurants, sports and outdoor activities, nightlife spots, children entertainment places, shopping, bars, clubs, spas, news and events happening every day in Dubai that may attract tourists and even people living there. In short they cover every incident and happening in Dubai that would attract the audience looking for such things.


TBreak is a perfect place for a tech savvy person with reviews and features of phones, smartphones, laptops, computers, cameras and their accessories and components. Check out reviews and features of your favourite digital machines and read out blog to know about more news and happenings. Not only this, they also cover mobile apps, desktop apps, video games, their reviews and interviews from the people in this industry. In short, you get to read everything technology-related here.

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