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Top 10 Reasons You Need a Custom Website

The internet is no less than a jungle where hierarchy is determined by website ranking and it is survival of the fittest only. Is your business website strong enough to withstand tough competition? You might want to rethink your decision of using a website template if you plan to outrank your competitors.

Cyber crime and fraud is a spreading epidemic so users are always wary about online businesses. Give them a reason to believe in you by enhancing your website’s credibility. You need to exhibit the same level of professionalism in your website as you do at the office.

Several people lean towards pre-made templates because they think they are cost effective. Does the inspiration of the template match your ideas and beliefs? Would you offer your consumers a website that you are not a 100% satisfied with? The obvious answer is no.

Have a look at some of the ways custom websites bring convenience to you and your consumers.

  1. Raise brand awareness

Branding has become essential these days because it creates a memorable user experience. It affords greater recognition to your company and carves a distinct brand identity through colors, graphics, logo, tagline, etc. A custom website provides endless opportunities for branding exactly as you desire.

  1. Complete code validation

Custom web development greatly increases the functionality of your website with flawless coding. This is crucial because templates may have glitches in their back ground coding. The bot that indexes your website in search engine results will not be able to perform its job properly. As a result, your website will not appear in relevant searches and your ranking will suffer. Some templates may even have issues related to browser compatibility frustrating users.

  1. Faster loading speed

A pre-made website template will probably contain essentials along with many things that you could do without. This extra baggage may weight down your website hindering its performance. If your web page takes more than a few seconds to load, chances are your visitor will leave and move on to a better option no extra stuff to weigh it down. Not only that, but if you accidentally exceed a template’s tolerance limit, be prepared for a resounding crash!

  1. SEO considerations

You have the guarantee of a fully optimized website when you consult custom web designers. This means that every little detail will be scanned for its effect on your website’s visibility in search engines.

  1. Navigation and usability

Users often complain about poor navigation that takes them round and round in circles before reaching the page they want. Returning back to the homepage is again a trial. Custom website design ensures that performance testing is conducted for the satisfaction of users.

  1. Stand out in a crowd

Your target audience goes through hundreds of websites during their search so what makes you think it will notice you? Make an effort to be different by projecting your brand’s philosophy in a creative way on your custom website.

  1. Evolve with the trends

Instead of changing templates every time you wish to revamp your website, let custom website builders adapt it to the latest trends. You may even plan for the future feature additions if your budget cannot accommodate them in the present

  1. Continuous technical support

Unless you are a genius at website development, it is not a good idea to go for templates. Custom websites come with 24/7 support for all kinds of issues that you may face during website management.

  1. Additional features

Templates may not have options for adding different kinds of website features that you may like for improving the user experience. On the other hand, a simple consultation with your custom web design team can have them added in a jiffy.

  1. Freedom of expression

You just cannot beat the freedom that comes with custom website building. It has the power to turn your business vision into a reality. Every single aspect may be customized to perfection. In the case of templates, even content management systems have limitations.

Which option do you think is more profitable in the long run? Do the math and you will realize what a superb investment a custom website can prove to be for your company.

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