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Tips on How to Make Your Website Look Great

By far we all have a pretty good idea about how things work out between websites and users. The first thing, of course, any user notices when they land on your web page is how it looks – the background, fonts, colours, text, navigation next comes the content, links, ease-of-use etc. While you may be of the thought that first impression does not really matter when you can improve later on but when it comes to online marketing and websites, it does matter and matters the most to be precise.

Paying attention to petty things like these actually makes a huge difference in the end product and gives an overall balanced, aesthetically pleasing and professional look to your website. Not only should your website look professional, it should behave professionally as well. If a user enters your website and is immediately turned off either by the looks of it, poor navigation system or inability to guide users to the right place, no matter how brilliant the content is it is destined to fail.

People do not take minutes to observe a website; it’s in that split second they choose if they are going to look more into it or just abandon it for good. Although I am not a designer by profession but there are some simple things that I have observed which website owners need to be aware of.

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Text Style & Colour

The content on your website is the king and you have to pamper it accordingly as well. Naive designers may get excited about the use of different fonts and colours on websites to make them look “pretty” and appealing but that’s the last thing your website will achieve with this approach.

A consistent website is a professional website.

Select a font that you would use on the entire website and a special other font for headings or when highlighting something. Be consistent with that as well. Choose fonts and stick by them. Same goes for while applying colours to text. By default black text over white background works best with every theme without overpowering the design as well but if you are to use any other colour make sure it is neutral and is easy to read. You may use a different coloured word(s) when you want to highlight something.

Underline or Not To Underline?

Ok this is something that ACTUALLY confuses me when I see text on websites that are underlined. My first instinct when I see an underlined word is “it’s a hyperlink”, guess what? They are not. That’s confusing and frustrating as well. Never underline texts in the content unless it’s a link, if you have the urge to underline, bold instead but never underline text if it’s not a link.

Organize The Content

A page full of straight text requires extra effort from visitor’s part to scan it thoroughly and find what they look for. Chances are, most of the visitors will not even bother reading the whole thing and will simply exit and you would not want that. Instead of keeping long paragraphs, break down the content according to subject matter and highlight the beginning of the text and other important parts within the text.

  • You can organize the content better by writing the important points in bullet forms.
  • They look professional, easy to read and organized.
  • Above everything, they improve text’s readability.
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Images add to the aesthetic appeal of a website therefore add one or two images on each page relevant to the text. You may add images in the background instead with less opacity making the text appear better. Bigger images look a lot better and professional than small images squeezed beside the text. Animated images draw user’s attention and a tasteful animated image that goes well with the text works wonders but flashy in-your-face images are a huge put-off for users and appear unprofessional as well.

Proof Read!

At the end, never forget to re-read what you have written. It’s good to be confident of your writing but proof-reading will eliminate the smallest of the mistakes you might otherwise have overlooked. Nothing makes a website more unprofessional than evident spelling errors. If you are bored of reading your writing again and again, have someone else go through the content.

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