Tips On Getting Your Event Promoted on Social Media

Social media is everywhere and everyone with internet connectivity, a desktop or a laptop has a presence on at least one of the many social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram etc, therefore it becomes highly recommended and effective if you promote your event in the digital world using these platforms besides promoting it in the real world using conventional marketing strategies. A successful event leverages your company’s visibility among competition as well as the audience and acts as a valuable resource. The key to promote an event and making it a huge success is to be active, aware and engage your audience constantly with the event be it through social media or conventional approach. Don’t be lazy and let people forget what’s coming on their way.

Some ways to promote your event using social media are mentioned below. You can either use all of them at the same time or just the ones you are active at. For greater visibility, Incubasys recommends you use most of these platforms while promoting your event.

Start Early and Begin With A Plan

Do not waste much time and begin with the promotion early. Promoting an event early increases the chances of event to be a success. The earlier you start the more time you get to saturate the social media with the word of the event. The ultimate goal to an event’s success is to get as many people involved as possible and this can be only done if you start a few months before the event takes place.

But before you jump into promoting your event on social media, take some time to analyze your position on social media and the content that you’ll be promoting. Pre-planning is necessary to prevent you from running out of ideas whilst in the middle of promotion which can highly affect the attendance on the event. Each social media platform has some strong points which can be used during promotion and the key here is to plan ahead about how you will use each platform to your advantage what posts to promote on which social medium.

Now let’s get started with individual platforms.

Promote Your Event With YouTube

We all know visual content has far better implications than written content. People prefer watching a 3 – 4 minutes video over reading a whole article about what you are promoting and what you have to say. Use this thing to your advantage and begin with video promotion. Create a video to give people a sneak peek into the highlights of the event; what is it about and what things are planned for people who will join you on the event. Try not to be boring with the video and if it fits the budget go for a professional video. You can either use the real life photos, images, footage or even the graphical video, depends on how you choose to promote the event. Although Youtube is the ultimate social medium for video sharing but you can share the video on every other social media. Put the video on the homepage of your website under the latest happenings or events and let people know about it instantly when they visit the website, and do not forget to link the video back to your Youtube channel.

Promote Your Event With Twitter

Twitter works on tweets and Hashtags. Tweets are the limited character sayings by people using Twitter to express their thoughts and Hashtags are a great way to group together certain tweets related to a particular topic. It is basically a convenient way for anyone who is interested to look into or talk about a specific topic to see what others have to say about it. One can click on a hashtag and immediately all the tweets from people around the world made with that hashtag will come together in one window making it easier for the person searching to see what everyone says about it. Having said that, a hashtag specific to the event you promote lets people talk about it conveniently on Twitter and they can converse with others about the event using the same hashtag that you promote. But there are a few things that you should keep in mind before deciding on a hashtag for the event to promote.

  • As said before, begin early with event promotion and it applies to promotion on Twitter too.
  • The Hashtag you develop should be unique and representative of the event you are promoting. If it is similar to an already trending hashtag or the one that is already in use, yours will be lost in the crowd instead of showing up.
  • Keeping in view the limited characters available on Twitter to construct a tweet make sure the hashtag you create is short so that it does not take up much of the characters limit.
  • Avoid using multiple hashtags for the same event, one is better than many. Multiple hashtags will scatter the conversation into many threads which can be hard to keep up with.
  • Promote the hashtag everywhere and not just on Twitter. If you use the same hashtag on your Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ posts people will immediately recognize it to be unique to your event.

Promote Your Event With Facebook

Facebook is one the most popular social media platforms among general public unlike Twitter which is not used by everyone. Begin with creating a page for your event if you do not already have a company page, if you do create the event section on your company’s page and start promoting it. Do not every use your personal profile to promote the event content unless you keep it public, but to see how many people are interacting with the event it’s best to do so on a page which people can “Like” unlike the profile which they have to send a “Request” to stay in touch with you and the rest of the community. Talking about the event on Facebook gives your event an immediate boost in social media among the masses. Do not forget to use hashtags even on Facebook and promote the event using high quality photographs which people can relate to and allow people to write on your wall to enhance interaction within the community which can be a great help in spreading the word. A few things to keep in mind while creating an event on Facebook are,

  • Use a catchy and unique name to describe the event. Do not use unnecessary keywords.
  • Use high quality real life photographs which people can relate to.
  • Allow people to write on your wall to enhance interaction within the community which can be a great help in spreading the word.
  • Add the address to the event so that people can view it easily on maps.
  • Do not leave any detail field empty while writing the event. Use them to your advantage and give as many details as possible.

Promote Your Event With LinkedIn

LinkedIn is more popular among professional people and is a great way to promote your event among those who do not use Twitter or Facebook. Creating an event on LinkedIn is very easy and you will find the option to do in the “More” menu in navigation at the top. Keep the following tips in mind while creating an event on LinkedIn.

  • Like for other social media, use a descriptive and catchy name to make your event stand out.
  • Since you cannot upload a large HD picture on Linkedin make sure the one you upload is recognizable even in smaller version.
  • Choose your time zone from the dropdown menu while creating the event.
  • Choose relevant labels that link to your event and use the description box to write down the summary of the event.
  • Do mention on the event if it requires people to register with you in order to attend it.

Follow these steps to bring your event into limelight on social media and do not forget to keep people posted about the event while it’s happening and even after it is done. Keep them in the loop with the success stories of the event and what you plan for in future.

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