Things To Consider While Designing Your Website

Companies are getting concerned about their websites and giving them makeovers since an increase in demand for content management, importance of blogging and e-marketing. Here we have listed few important things that will help you or anyone else on their path towards a great website.

Know Your Audience 

Before beginning with the project, take some time to study your targeted audience and prospective clients. Know them inside out. Many people would have once become tangled in what they want on their website, if you are clear on your targeted audience this will not be a problem for you. If you set your website from a visitor’s point of view you are more likely to succeed than loading up the website according to your desires.

Purpose of Your Site 

Be clear on the purpose of your website, what are you going to do with it? How are you going to use it? If you plan to generate sales with it, the outlook with be accordingly but if you want to publicise your company as the best in the work they do you will have to keep the website in view of that. It is better to decide on these aspects before handing out the final project to your designer.

Be Consistent

Be consistent with what message you are conveying through your website, this will help you build a clear niche. Websites require images which make them lively and communicate more in lesser words. The images you put must also be consistent with your work and theme and should reflect your firm honestly. As long as you have good images to put on the website people are going to love it.

Know Your Competitors

Spend some time studying your competitors, their way of working, what makes them stand out, what makes their website famous etc. You might just learn things from their websites and be cautious about your own website. Search for related websites being a prospective customer and see what attracts you and what does not, there are great chances you will not make those mistakes with your design then.


One thing which if often overlooked while designing and launching a website is the copy. Before launching your website, you must decide who will be writing the copy and what tone it will have. Many business owners want to put everything they know on their websites, this is not how it works. A website is not a place for detailed talking, make it discrete and interesting. Value your customers’ time and yours.


Make sure the design you give to your web designer has room for additional pages if needed in future. Make sure your website is built by keeping growth in mind, this is important for small business websites who are on a budget.

Data Collection

If the purpose of your website is to just collect information then you will need to have a static website which has not database. But if you plan to publish articles, involve people with your website and post dynamic content then a database is necessary. Make sure to work out these desires before finalizing the project with your designer.


This is perhaps the most underrated part of any website. Make sure your website is always up to date in terms of content, news and latest ins and outs, keep it interesting and fresh. This can be easily neglected if you do not keep a calendar of what-to-dos. Website update is especially crucial for marketing campaigns and without maintaining a schedule, this part will fall to the bottom of your priority list.

Search Engine Optimization

Before hiring someone for search engine optimization, do one thing on your own. Keep your site updated, the more updated it is the more easily it will be crawled by search engines and will appear higher in search rankings. You can also encourage your clients yourself or they may link your website on their own which will also increase your rank. Once your company grows to a sufficient level, SEO will become easier and more affordable.

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