The Importance of Visual Content

We are visual thinkers, our brains 75% sensory neurons process visual information. As internet users continue to be bombarded with information in the form of text, it becomes extremely difficult for someone to get their content recognized among their competition. Visual content can be your saviour in such situation. Visual content is extremely important in building a brand’s social media channels therefore you definitely need to take it into account while creating social media strategy.

Research says that a human mind retains visual information more than the written one. 90% of the information transmitted to our brains is visual and we actually remember only 20% of what we read which makes visual information a lot better in decision making and creates a better and long-lasting effect compared to simple text.

Even if we look at our personal social media content, it is more visual than text and hence more engaging, so why not the same for brands?

1.     Get Ideas

If you lack ideas to create visuals for your brand, you can always hold polls. Your audience can prove to be a great asset if you allow them to share their ideas with you. Ask them how they would like their favourite brand to be marketed. Ask them to share their pictures using your products and use those in your marketing campaign. Run a hashtag campaign for the task and get your audience mobilized.

2. Create Videos

Videos are another type of visual content and much better than simple photos. Videos are shared a lot more than the textual content and links – which is unsurprising to us who witness this happening daily on Facebook. Your videos need not be of the highest quality to be effective, if you lack budget make shorter more effective 7 seconds videos called vines.

3. Use Infographics

Infographics are a way to share complex information all stacked into one picture without the need of adding long texts and statistical data. They can prove to be extremely helpful and effective in marketing campaign if designed well and remove any need of text at all. But, how to make an infographic engaging and effective? Keep it simple; add eye-popping colours and beautiful graphics that people would love to share. There is always a proper way to make an infographic and you will find many amazingly made ones on internet.

4. Stay Active

Creating social media accounts, pages and blogs is very easy but to maintain and work on them to make them a success is another thing. If you wish to make your visual content a success, there is a tremendous need to work on social media. Staying active and engaging with audience is imperative to getting your work shared and recognized. Moreover, never leave your social media and website out of date. Nothing is worse than giving your audience an impression of laziness by giving them outdated content.

We as web developers in Dubai believe It is important that you emphasize on visual content because consequently that is people are more interested in. It’s the pictures and videos that go viral and not the text.

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