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The Importance of Graphic Design in Social Media Marketing

Social media has literally exploded in the last few years and has become quite an influential tool for marketing and advertisement for all kinds of business. Consumers on these platforms are presented with hundreds of tweets and likes everyday on their devices. The need to read and view images on different kinds of screens has become normal. If there is one thing which is extremely important for social media then its graphics, graphics not only help in creating a visual appeal for your brand but it holds the attention of the customers for longer period of times.

Let’s take a detailed look at why graphic design is extremely important for your marketing campaign on social media.

Limited Attention Span

One of the most famous social platforms Twitter consists of tweets which go about to max of 140 characters. Surveys have shown that customers respond best to images or graphical representations as compared to plain text. The content you place online gets shared over and over again and a graphic will create brand recognition amongst your customers as it’s easier to retain as compared to text. Human beings are better visual learners!

It sets up your Brand Image

The world of social media has now become very competitive and strong brand recognition there can set you apart from your competitors. Branding starts with basic factors like a good logo and a proper choice of color palate. There are also factors like the fonts, icons, buttons and layout which are associated with your business domain. Take a look at sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter which have simple layouts and buttons and are consistent across their pages.

Digital Natives

The term “Digital Natives” is used for the generation which is born after the arrival of digital technology. This generation is not aware of anything else other than immediate gratification which comes from devices like computers, smartphones and digital cameras. The digital stimuli we receive on daily basis is over-whelming due to which we are becoming desensitized. Grabbing the attention of people from non-graphic content has become next too impossible. Graphics and visual aid has proven to hold the attention of people of people and social media marketing is all about presenting yourself in the best possible way.

Guiding the eye

The shapes of graphic designs and other visuals placed on social media and websites can guide your users towards important aspects of your business, whether it’s a sign-up button and or purchase button, strategies like the use of bright and catchy colors and layouts can for sure make a significant difference on how the users perceive your business.

Useful Practices

And lastly we have some things to keep in mind while you plan out your marketing strategy on the social media with the help of graphics. The design should be detailed and large enough for the user to see and recognize on the platforms. Don’t make it too large as it will take more time to load, use HD quality images and pictures and prefer to get your own ones rather than stock images. Get a professionally design logo for your company and use that across all your profiles so it creates a brand identity.

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