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The Future of Social Media

Social media has been a powerful tool in our everyday lives ever since its development. It has influenced and shaped elections, businesses, many important decisions by organizations and people, and has changed how news are reported and told on social media platforms. The future, even the present, of social media is one of the most talked about topics in schools, colleges, universities and various other forums around the world. Yes it cannot be ignored but we still have to decide a direction for it to move forward, until then it is moving forward haphazardly and in segments. There should be a single path for everyone to follow who is somehow attached to social media platforms. Here we compile a brief insight into social media and its various applications and their future scope in the world.

Social Media and Recruitment

Facebook has been quite popular among the newer generation since its beginning and has also served to a great place for employment for many unemployed people. The content posted on Facebook is now analyses more carefully than before and this has resulted in many potential applicants failing to get the job. Unlike LinkedIn which provides the business-related and more professional side of the applicants, Facebook will be used by employers to get a better sense of their potential candidates. Use of both these social media platforms by companies in the future will give them a better insight into their prospective employees’ social circle and will also save them a lot of money in their recruitment.

Social Media and Online Marketing

More or less all the companies big or small have come to realize the importance and potential future of social media and the significance of having a presence on all these social media platforms. The reason behind this recognition is mainly because in world economy the goal of companies is to earn their brand and name acknowledgment. Discovering a particular brand on social media and the number of “likes” it has can generate revenue for them. Social media networks focus on the content and search engines are being redesigned to focus on that. In the past, social media would redirect the customers to the company’s website; the opposite will be true in future. Online marketing will thrive more and clients will change their strategy to focus on clients focusing on content and quality.

Social Media and Online Influence for Small Businesses

Social media gives exposure to small businesses, their unique services or products can gain a lot following by being viral. Beyond exposure, small businesses will advocate the online influencers by putting their companies in social media circles and will work on promoting their product or service.

Social Media and Freelancers

Freelancing is becoming popular day by day due to scarcity of jobs in the world economy. Social media present a very easy way for both young and old freelancers to communicate with people. Starting a website or blog or a page for their business has become extremely easy and can be done without much technical knowledge. The excess of freelancers on social media and their concerns related to their private information being used for advertisement will eventually cause difficulty for them to be recognized.

Social Media and Journalism

The continuous growth of social media has made it possible for news agencies and communities to broadcast events faster than the traditional media. The future of journalism along with the future of social media depends on whether people will prefer news based on accuracy and reliability via the traditional channels or the opposite through social media sites.


Although the future of social media and the fields related to it looks bright but there is a responsibility on everyone being a user of social media platforms. Whether it is a student posting any content on his facebook page or using twitter to propagate false news based on prejudice and bias, it can affect one or many million people worldwide.

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