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The Best Social Media Scheduling Apps

It would be a stupid question to ask someone if they use social media or not, of course they do, everyone does. Social media has become an integral part of everyone’s lives whether private or corporate. The world has experienced some immense and drastic changes in the ways people communicate with each other ever since social media came into existence. As far as businesses are concerned they have taken up social media as a permanent platform to market their products as services. Besides traditional marketing, social media marketing also plays a decisive part in any company’s success through their marketing strategies.

However, things might get a bit fast and hectic when it comes to handling marketing campaigns on social media. You might struggle to keep up as there is so much going on all the time that it is quite overwhelming.

You might have heard the catch phrase, “there is an app for that”.

Well there are apps, and not just one, for scheduling social media posts and organizing your marketing campaigns and strategies without having to keep a check on everything all the time.

Scheduling social media updates actually saves you a lot of time which you could utilize elsewhere and the apps mentioned below help you do exactly the same. You can create a list of updates that would be posted on their set time; you can easily reach out to your audiences in a different time zone as well. It couldn’t get much easier, could it?

Here are a few social media scheduling apps, you are sure to find one among these that suits your needs.


Buffer is a really cool app that lets you organize your posts easily and has the option to attach different photos, links, text or videos with the posts. Get the most out of each post with this app by scheduling your posts for the entire day. All the set posts are collected in a buffer which then releases them at set time with optimum intervals. The app allows you to select social media platforms where you would like to share your posts and you may even customize each of the post by adding context if you do not wish to post the same on every platform.


Not the best out there but easy to use and does not require you to sign up as well, which is a relief for many. You may use the app as such as it validates your account through your existing Twitter or Facebook profiles. The app lets you log in into either Twitter or Facebook and you may create and schedule your posts on any of the two and share either on one or both whether at different times on the same day or different days.


You run on a busy schedule but want to keep with your audiences on Twitter? Timely is the right choice for you. The app works for Twitter only hence is a lot more organized and well-made as it has to cater only a single social media platform. It allows you to schedule your tweets as you would like them to appear on your profile. The app selects the highest impact time of your tweets by analysing your last 199 tweets and posts your scheduled tweets according to the best time.


With an interface similar to that of Facebook and a rather simple interface without any complicated features, Postcron allows users to schedule their posts without any hassle. The app is more of a casual one for relaxed users and does not give a lot of feature options to choose from.

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These apps are free to use and allow you to schedule your posts in a simple way to increase their maximum impact among your audiences and make the best use of your time.

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