Some Incredible Apps to Try in Dubai

Today, we have a solution to everything and literally everything online. With the huge success and outburst of smartphones in telecommunication industry, everyone has one in their hands these days. What make these phones so special? The handy features, apps and online facilities available on these phones are here to make your life easier. There is an app for almost anything! You can check your health fitness, book a cab, check route maps, check best eating spots in your area, pay traffic fines, pay utility bills, check subway timings, play various cool games, and all of this is available at a hand’s reach in your phone or tablet.

Dubai like all the growing and economically boosting countries of the world has taken many initiatives to launch online public services for its people. It already has about 2000 e-government services available on the internet and now it has launched an “m-government” project to make accessible more of such useful facilities for people living in Dubai.

Here we have listed some of the top and most used e-government mobile apps that people living Dubai can incorporate in their routine lives to ease themselves off those dull, time-consuming tasks.

Apply for online visa

Emirates Airlines launched this website in 2010 for people from 56 countries who would want to visit UAE and it has greatly improved since then. It is basically an online visa system guided by simple steps, just visit the website, click on ‘manage my booking’ and follow the uncomplicated steps to apply for a visa for UAE. Once you have applied for it, pay it via your credit card and the visa will be delivered to you electronically within four working days. This website has helped make Dubai one of the top visited destinations in the world which is the positive aspect, and the negative aspect is that it applies only to a two-flight to UAE.


It is a free app launched by Dubai Municipality. It offers you notifications on any service that you avail from them. It has a lot of interesting points using GPS such as street panoramas and list of on-duty pharmacies. Give them your feedback on their employees’ behaviour. This app is rated well by its users however some users have reported that street-view maps do not work well all the time which is a downside to this app.


Easily pay for parking your car or any other vehicle using your cell phone. You just have to provide your vehicle number, parking zone number and the duration of your stay to the app and you can pay for the parking. You may also view your parking history with this app. This is quite a helpful app in case you run out of coins or change in your pocket.

Help during an emergency

This app is really useful under any critical situation or in case there is a patient who needs urgent medical attention. Just visit and enter the relevant data to use the service. It gives you speedy response in an emergency as it is linked to ambulance centres and is available 24/7. This service is available only to the people living in Dubai hence others are not eligible to use it.


Use this app to book a taxi for yourself, check public transport timings, and get details of places that interest you. To book a taxi, simply provide your name, contact number, pick-up address and destination address. It is a great app rich with features useful to everyone but is of course of no use to people who do not use public transport system.

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  • Irfan Handal

    Great apps. I must say that travel becomes very easy when you have apps that lets you know the area around you very well. I think this list should also include Etisalat’s app. It is a very useful and helpful application that gives accurate information about businesses anytime, anywhere.