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Social Media Marketing Trends Brands Need to Watch Out in 2015

As we come near the end of yet another year 2014, here we present to you the expected burning trends in social media marketing in 2015. You will need to bend you thinking and marketing strategies a little to cope with these trends in order to stay in the mainstream of social media.

1.     Mobile-First World

It’s a smartphones’ age; we all know that, right? People are more online from their cell phones rather than their desktops or laptops. Different researches show that people are buying more smartphones and spending more time on their mobile phones. They are just everywhere with them unlike a laptop, day or night. Facebook report also tells us that there has been a tremendous increase in mobile daily active users as compared to the overall daily active users in 2014. Expect this trend to expand more in 2015 and you need to change your marketing strategy a bit along with this trend. Switch from “laptop-first” strategy to “mobile-first” marketing strategy. Do not just plan campaigns and content for laptops instead do it for smartphones and design them nicely for laptops. Plan for everyone for everything on mobile phones exclusively.

2.     Paid Social World

Gone are the days when organic reach gave you the most advantage. According to another report brand interaction on Facebook is squeezed to a scary 0.073%! Paid social media campaigns on Facebook continue to rise with their ads becoming more and more sophisticated. While organic search and reach on other social media platforms is still worth it but as they launch their own ad products, spending there will increase too. Everyone follows where Facebook leads. In 2015, you need to stop thinking as social media being the “free” platform to advertise and market your brand, start planning to invest to get reach on Facebook and other platforms such as Pinterest, Twitter etc. And if Instagram is a platform for your audience then you can take it to your advantage while organic reach is still high there.

3.     Social Content as Marketing Star

Using content to market a brand was always there but it attracted a lot of attention in 2014 not only with regard to efficiency but also how difficult it can be to produce quality content on a regular basis. Marketers are challenged to produce quality, meaningful and informative content for social media, websites, newsletters, press releases and much more and this will continue to happen in 2015 as well. You should continue to focus on building quality content and being smart at it. Use infographics, charts, slides, videos etc to squeeze more information in small place and making it more effective with pictures and diagrams. Visual content is always more unique and informative than a written one.

4.     Video Marketing

Recently, brands felt enough to put up a TV commercial on Youtube and consider their job in video marketing done. This is not the case anymore. There is a whole world of video marketing outside Youtube, Facebook for instance. It came as a big blow to Youtube when Facebook claimed that they had more video views than Youtube this year. This may be attributed to the auto-playing of videos on Facebook but let’s just not ignore the trend building. Facebook is now clearly challenging Youtube and as a video-watching destination for people. Instead of focusing on video marketing just on Youtube, focus on how you can make it effective on other platforms as well. Make use of Twitter’s Vine channel or Tumblr to market your brand via the Vine videos with great success.

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