SEO Trends in the 90s!

In 90s, Google did not exist and search engine optimization was not at all like it is now. Yahoo existed and most of the websites strived to be ranked among Yahoo search entries. Gaming your ways to be ranked among search engines was “officially” the part of Search Engine Optimization! This is true because everyone was in the same race to get more and more traffic, and by that it did not mean “useful” traffic. SEO experts and website designers were all sharing the tips and tricks to game the web and get more and more traffic.

Popular Words Got You Traffic!

You won’t believe it but it is true. If you added some popular words which were typed in a lot in the search bars that would actually generate you traffic. As I mentioned earlier the thing that matter at that time was traffic and not relevant or appropriate search results that you got when typing a particular keyword. For example: if you added Britney Spears to your meta descriptions at the time then you might get traffic towards your website who would be searching for Britney Spears! That’s downright insane, right? It actually was the most searched for phrase in 90s and it did generate you a lot traffic too.

Of course who would be interested in some pet website, web designing and hosting, accounting or any other irrelevant website for that matter when they would be searching for Britney Spears? No one, right? The major criteria for your success in the internet world at that time was not the number of sales, or the number of potential and interested “genuine” clients coming to your website, it was all about number of hits you got. You would be considered a success on the web if you had traffic and people would use any trick and tactic to generate traffic for their websites. Greater the number of visitors you got, the better. This was exactly what SEO companies were paid for. Can we imagine that happening now!?

SEO is not a child’s play anymore. It is not about total number of visitors anymore and you cannot deceive the web for long to attract traffic because the analytical tools have become much more sophisticated and active. Google also came and led the way in what search engines were basing their algorithms on. Search Engine Optimization is being tricked and gamed every day and that’s the reason why Google’s algorithms is always changing (latest Penguine 3.0 Update for instance). There are many companies who are considerate about their reputation and know their way around SEO; they know it is not about numbers and total visitors anymore, but is about people who have consequential interaction with your business and work which either attracts them to make purchase or come back due to the great content.

Social Media – Not a Competition

Then came social media and at first most of the people started experimenting with it. “How many likes do you have? How many followers do you have?” The numbers seemed to be the leading criteria for your success on social media in the beginning which, in the end does not matter. Again, the discussion is the same that numbers do not matter. What matters is that you have a significant interface with your customers and they keep coming back to you out of love for what you do. Conversation is worth everything.

Turn The Things Around

Give people incentive to like you, to follow you and to keep coming back whenever they think of you. Your focus should be on building positive relationships with people instead of focusing on likes and following. Share your work with them and get noticed.

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