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Pro and cons of one page website

The trend of single page websites is increasing and lately you may have come across a number of different ones. Today we are not going into the details or design of single page websites; we will be discussing some of the pros and cons linked with them. So let’s take a look at them:



  1. No need to refresh

Well this one is quite the obvious. The benefits of this are often not clear to the designer. There is a very solid reason why single page websites are becoming a hot favorite for mobile phones, the users can get to the point without having to wait. The websites responsiveness ability increases a lot and the maintenance also gets easier.

  1. Mobile Friendly

A number of statistics have revealed that mobile users get raged quickly on slow websites which take like forever to load as compared to the users of desktops and laptops. So don’t get surprised on the fact that single page websites are becoming the favorite in the mobile web world paradigm

  1. Suits user behavior

The user habits of today’s world have changed, a number of famous websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram encourage scrolling. The screens are wider and the web world has become more images driven. It’s not an easy task to keep the users attentive and attracted, single web page concept allows the designers to come up with immersive user experience which suits the modern day need.


Now let’s flip the picture and take a look at the other side!



  1. Social Media Sharing

At times it gets difficult to share a specific content on different social media websites and most of the default sharing is at page level not content level.

  1. Lack of segmentation for visitors

With single page web design you cannot target specific users on the basis of the content of different pages like multipage websites. All the users will land on the single page which may not be the need of all.

  1. Large File Size

This one is self-understood, if the size of the page is too large it will take some time to load which may be slower than the home-page of a multi-page version. Now this can be taken as a piece of advice because responsive single page websites should not be loaded with images and heavy content, simple scripts can do the trick!

  1. The architecture might get tricky!

There might be tested methods for creating multipage websites but when it comes to single page sites things can get a bit difficult to get right in the first time. Segmentation of information is crucial for ease but on a single page it can get confusing to handle.

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