Predictions: SEO World in 2015

It’s that time of the year when you stop for a moment and reflect back on what you achieved or lost in the year and what should you plan for the months to come in the following year. SEO is no exception to this. We also have to ponder over the mistakes made, the things learnt, the changes faced and the challenges tackled.

You all will agree that the year 2014 brought many changes for SEO people and while they we were getting used to those changes, a new year is about to start and we have to prepare for what is around the next corner. The coming year 2015, as measured and said by many watching the trends, will be dominated by an evolution of the existing trends rather than by completely new ones.

Below are some thoughts to shed light on the predictions made for the year 2015 for SEO people.

Mobile Friendliness

You might have heard this thing many times now that mobile phones will dominate desktop when it comes to search. If it has happened yet or not, you cannot take the importance of mobile easy while making SEO strategy. Google is putting great emphasis on mobile user experience and has officially slotted in mobile-friendliness into its algorithm and has also launched a Webmaster Tool to evaluate mobile-friendliness of any website.

Therefore if you would like to see your website does well even in the coming year then do not underestimate mobile users and mobile search. If you still have to incorporate mobile search into your SEO strategy then do it now, don’t be lazy on this one.

Content SEO

Content marketing which didn’t have much attention few years back and was considered radical is now a mainstream concept in marketing and is given much attention by any marketing professional. This part of SEO will continue to grow and mature in the year 2015. While it does so, you have to look for powerful content marketing strategies and separate it from more technical elements of SEO. Work on to make content SEO independent and powerful on its own.

Technical SEO

Planned and technical elements of SEO have always been an important part of SEO strategy but they may not be as easy to carry out the traditional way like before. For example, many internet users fail to differentiate between HTTP and HTTPS because they don’t know about it yet it can benefit a marketing professional in his SEO strategy.

Natural Keywords

AdWords doesn’t work on exact keyword search now because Google wants its customers to stop thinking about search in terms of matching keywords and instead more on getting relevant answers for your questions. Customers will therefore be adopting a more conversational approach towards search and being an SEO you and us would have to adapt ourselves to this reality and start working on it.

Negative SEO

The term negative SEO is not new to SEO professionals and it can do more bad to a business than actually positive SEO can do well. The penalties and risks associated with negative SEO are huge! It can take as long as nine months by Google to fully process a rejected website which is trying to recover from a penalty. Therefore it is good time that SEO professionals understand the consequences associated with bad SEO, familiarize them with the term better and protect their strategies from falling a prey to negative SEO. The nine months or more associated with coming out of penalty will not leave any room for SEO professional as well as the client to engage in those foolish risks again.

Embracing Of Facebook & Twitter

Google+, besides all the efforts made to bring it up to the levels of popularity enjoyed by other social media platforms, has not gained popularity among the masses like Facebook and Twitter. Google will be seen giving more importance to activities on these social media websites.

The Right Thing To Do

If you want to stay in the game of SEO in the coming year, do the right thing for the right reason. Do not just publish a blog because it’s about time, but do it because you want to share something with your readers. Moreover, avoid mistakes because bouncing back from those will only get harder with the time.

What is your opinion about the coming year’s prediction?

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