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How Often You Should Redesign Your Website

A question that is frequently asked by website owners is that how often should they redesign their websites? There is, to be honest, no specific answer to this question. You cannot set a specific time frame to redesign your website say every two years from now. If you go out and ask people the same question, you will get as many different answers as many people you ask. Then how should you decide on a time frame to schedule redesign? There is simply no exact time frame to redesigning your website, do it whenever you feel the time is right. This may be now, a year later or three years later may be. You may now be in a confusion thinking what “that right time” is? But trust me you will know when it is.

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A Rule of Thumb

A good rule of thumb; however is to keep an eye on your website and check its performance every now and then. When you feel your website is not performing up to its mark go for a change. Changing the website’s design and incorporating some new and exciting features to engage the visitors and customers can help bring back your company on the track. Moreover if you take longer to update your website you may risk losing your audience to your competitor who is more active at monitoring the website and keeping it alive and working.

This is a summed up idea behind the individual factors mentioned below which play an important part in deciding the redesign time for your website. Ask yourself the following questions and only then decide.

Is Your Website Facing Low Traffic?

Growing traffic for a website is a treat, steady traffic isn’t bad either but if you experience a decline in your website’s traffic then there is a problem which needs to be addressed immediately. One of the many reasons behind this decline could be the outdated design of your website. People love websites with pleasing and clean designs, simple and easy-to-navigate interfaces that can solve their problems in a few minutes if not seconds. Websites which are heavy on the eyes of visitors lose traffic fast and will eventually die a virtual death.

Is Your Website Converting Visitors to Customers?

Companies build websites these days with the main objective to convert visitors to customers and make them stick to their brand. Add analytics to your website and use them, this is an important step that you should not forget doing while building your website from scratch. Check your analytics and see what visitors are doing when they hit your website. Do they return from homepage? Do they hit on important pages? Are they purchasing from your website? If you do not see anything significant happening around your website and none of the visitors are converting to customers then your website might be at fault and need some remodelling.

Does Your Website Compete with Your Competitors?

While in the business keep your eyes and ears open to your surroundings, see what your competitors’ websites look like. Did they remodel it anytime soon? Does your website look like a decade old in front of theirs? If it’s true, do not waste any more minute of your precious time and redesign your website to bring it back in competition. If you get lazy at this then sadly your visitors will be claimed by your competitors and once gone they rarely come back.

Does Your Website Take Advantage of New Technologies?

Technology changes so fast that it may sound impossible to cope with it, but you have to. With every new change in technology you will have to utilize them for maximum exposure such as new web browsers, web designs, devices etc. Considering the fact that most of the people access the internet through their smartphones; if your website isn’t optimized for mobile you will definitely miss out a lot of potential customers. Consider a redesign and have your website be responsive even on devices other than desktops or laptops.

Is Your Business Changing?

Adding new products to your line? Offering new and improved services for your customers? Obliterating old methods and adopting new ones? You definitely want your website to speak and convey all these things to people as fast as you can, redesign it and incorporate the new additions and keep t updated to stay in the race.

Once you have answers to your questions it will be a lot easier for you to decide on a redesign. We at incubasys offer web designing service dubai at the affordable price.

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