Most Expensive Domain Names Sold in 2014

#5: MM.com — $1,200,000

MM.com was sold to a registrant named Hangzhou Duomai E-commerce Co., Ltd. The sale was made in July 2014. The domain name was sold by Sedo broker Dave Evanson. It was previously owned by a company called Minnesota MicroNet. The domain name was created on 18th January, 1994. These particular buyers seem to be people who know what they are doing as they are the registrants for many other popular domain names as well such as Game.com, 33.com, 44.com, and XC.com.


#4: 37.com — $1,960,800

In March 2014, 37.com scored its place as one of the most expensive domain names to have been sold in the year 2014. It was sold to the Chinese game maker now known as 37wan. It ended up being the most expensive domain name sale in the week that it came out in, and still remains at number 4 in our list.


#3: Youxi.com — $2,430,000

Also sold in March 2014, Youxi was of special importance to gamers and game makers because the word Youxi means ‘Games’ in Chinese. This domain was bought by Gamewave Group Limited, in a private sale. As the name implies, the domain is now being used for a gaming website.


#2: MI.com — $3,600,000

Sold for a large sum of money in April 2014, MI.com is believed to be the highest priced domain name to have been bought by a Chinese company. The company’s name is Xiaomi is the one to buy it and they plan on using the popularity of the domain to their benefit.


#1: Medicare.com — $4.8 million

Sold in May 2014, the domain name is the most expensive one to have been sold in this entire year. This domain was bought by eHealthInsurance. The company paid $4.3 million dollars in cash to the sellers and $300,000in debt, as was reported in the Domain Name Sales Report.


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