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Mobile Apps Security – How to Avoid Malicious Apps

There was a time when people used mobile phones to call each other but now our mobile devices have literally replaced every other device in our lives. Now the phones, besides making calls, are used as alarm clocks, notepads, calorie managers, Personal Assistants, health managers, doors to social media and what not. With mobile phones becoming an integral part of our lives, we have seen evolution of mobile apps as well.

With over 500k apps on Apple Store and around 350k Apps on Google Play Store, there are so many options available that offer various kinds of services and solutions to users and choosing the best out of such a huge bunch can be overwhelming.

How should you choose the apps?

The first concern of any user regarding apps is their safety. With advancements in technology and making lives easier for people, malwares and viruses have grown as well. Some apps are infected with malware and viruses which may steal your personal information like passwords, contact lists or data.

When you download an App it asks your permission to gain access to certain features in your phone in order for it to perform. Sometimes the apps require permissions which ultimately they do not really need. That is where you should get suspicious about the app. Although Android puts more trust on permission of apps to its users, Apple takes these measures for you but not all are perfect.

With a few precautionary steps you can avoid apps that may appear affected and stay safe.

Get a security app for your phone.

There are so many available with varied features and are available for free as well as a very reasonable price. A basic security app will scan your phone and apps when you download them for anything that might look suspicious. And many others allow you to locate your stolen phone or wipe off its data and more. We are talking about apps’ security and how would we know which security app is safe itself to do the work? You will need to do some research online. Look for security apps developed by trusted companies and developers and read the reviews. You will spot fake reviews if all of them sound the same and too good to be true.

Before you even download a certain app look at the app’s developer

Many app developing companies have websites and most of the popular developers do not risk their credibility in the market with malicious apps. Therefore it is safest to stick with developers which are trustworthy and have a good name in the market.

Next important thing is to look at the permissions the app is asking from you.

Read those and carefully consider whether that particular app actually needs that information or not. For example a hotel or restaurant locating app will need your phone’s location information but an app that has nothing to do with locations asking for it makes it suspicious. Look out for such apps and be aware.

Most of us do not consider the risks associated with our information being leaked out through such apps but it is extremely important to stay aware and not let suspicious apps misuse your personal information anywhere. Follow these basic steps and you will be able to avoid most of the malicious apps out there.

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