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Is Augmented Reality the Future of Mobile Apps Development?

Augmented Reality has been a part of science fiction for many years and now thanks to the smartphone world it has become a reality for us. Though the technology is relatively new but the amount of work and research being done on it is going to make it big in the next few years. The mobile world is gradually moving towards augmented reality and the time is not far when we all will be enveloped in the world of AR.

Augmented reality basically revolves around the idea that any object around us can provide us with data about it. It’s all about depicting the relevant information about the objects which are present around us in everyday life. Take a scenario for example that your car breaks down? What will you do? Call an auto-mechanic that will probably be your first choice, right? But with a mobile app which is built on the idea of Augmented Reality, you can simply flip out your smartphone and use any diagnostic repair app and fix the car yourself! The technology of augmented reality is this capable enough that it can show you which tires have less pressure and what cables to fix on the battery.

The present-day consumers have now adopted themselves to multi-tasking. They get things done simultaneously between their workplace and home. While they are at work, they can visit their favorite store on their phone, see what’s new and what promotions and offerings are going on. They can book tickets for the movies over the weekends and even make appointments with their doctors. Our generation has become intertwined with one another even when they are at a distance apart which has caused an increase in productivity. We as consumers are receiving huge amounts of data every single data and the question here is how all this can help the business market?

Here is where smartphones equipped with augmented reality can help business with AR marketing. The idea is pretty simple and has managed to hold companies and their marketing departments. If we put it in simple words, marketing with the help of Augmented Reality is putting the smartphones to use and develop mobile applications which can engage the consumers in real life experience about the products and services rather than a simple plain message or advertisement.

Augmented reality is going to be the technology of the future and it’s already making its way into potential business lines. A recent report has stated that the market of Augmented Reality will about $600+ million, and another research has shown that around 30% of the smartphone users will be using AR at least once a week in this very year. If this is how AR is going to be then it will succeed b leaps and bound.

In Augmented Reality what happens is the digital information is integrated with the video and environment in which the user is present in real time. An image or video or recognized and blended in with new information and a virtual result is presented. Let’s imagine a situation, imagine a chain of your fast food places uses AR to develop a smartphone application which can determine where you are and then incorporate graphics to guide you to their food chain. How exciting would that be? At present, there are thousands of AR applications available from jewelry to furniture setting. So which one will you be developing for your business and engage your customers for a real-life experience?

There are some limitations to the technology of AR as well. For instance, your GPS can give accurate results up to 9 meters (30 Feet) and doesn’t work nicely when you’re indoors. Apart from these connectivity issues can affect it too, also the camera in your phones. The major issue is that the current smartphones are not powerful enough to process the required data in real time and provide the level of interaction which augmented reality demands. Some privacy concerns also arise when we talk about the image recognition software’s which are used along with AR.

Where there are advantages, you cannot leave the disadvantages behind and despite all this augmented reality is going to be the next big thing in this techy world.

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