How To Quality Assess (QA) Your Website

If you own a website, then the question you should be asking yourself is, how good is the quality of my website design by a website design company in Dubai? Be honest and think about it. You must have paid a good amount to get the website up but did you assess it? Place yourself in the user’s shoes and go through your website and you will realize a lot of things, which before as the owner of the business you might not have thought upon.

Though if your website was developed by a professional and reputable web design company UAE, it must have already passed through a detailed QA (quality assessment) process and there would be hardly any issues for anyone to point out, but still we are all humans and are bound to make mistakes so it’s a good idea to check your website once again thoroughly to make sure things are as you wanted them to be.

So here we have enlisted few of the things which you can check in your website to make sure it’s of top-notch quality!

  1. Since a website represents your business or company it should have a proper strategy behind it. A strategy plays the role of a back-bone in any website. Even if your website is super attractive and user-friendly if does not comply with your needs it’s futile. Ask from yourself whether a new user gets a clear sense of what exactly you are doing and what you are offering once they reach your site? Does the design of your website direct the users to do what you want them to accomplish? Is there a clear underlying strategy for your website which gives proper information? To check the strategy of your website, go through the check-list:
  • From which category does your business belong to and is it represented in your website?
  • For what purpose did you make the website in the beginning and is it being fulfilled by the corresponding design?
  • What is your target audience and how does your website deal with them?
  • What actions do you want your audience to take and how is your website encouraging them to do so?

If you get clear answers of all the above questions then you are doing well with your website.

  1. Now we move towards usability. This is where all the practical considerations come in which basically deal with what is required for a good website. Usability can include speed, security, technical information like sitemaps etc. user-friendliness and much more. Much of the factors which fall in usability are not visible apparently but they wither make your site or break it. Is a user is not able to find out what he came for to your website due to poor navigation, he will probably not come back again. If your pages are taking forever to load, both the visitors and search engines will take it into notice. So how usable is your website? Let’s see:
  • How long is it taking for the pages to get loaded? Use speed testing websites to check.
  • In order to find something particular is it easy enough?
  • Is there a search bar available?
  • Do all the links embedded in your website work?
  • Is your website compatible with different browsers? Don’t forget smart-phones in this context.
  • In-case your website has forms and asks for details from users, is all the information secure and sound?

If your website needs improvement then try making your website as user friendly as you can.

  1. Moving ahead is the style of your website. Beauty in this context might seem relative but it does not imply at that entire are no clear aesthetic rules which you can follow to develop your website. The best website goes along with their brand, creates great first impressions for their users, is neat and tidy and complements the content well. To see where your website stands in the style departments ask the following:
  • Is the style of the website in accordance with the services and products you are selling? Does the color palate and graphics go along with the theme?
  • Is the style defined consistent through-out the site?
  • What feeling do you get once you land on the website? Neat and impressive? Organized or messy?
  • Are the images of high quality and are not pixelated?
  1. Now we come to the content of the website. When it comes to content, readability and usefulness are the two important factors. The first one is important because if the users cannot get the meaning of the content, either from the small font, dull color or bright printed background there is no way they are going to get your message. Just like that the content should be useful too because if the content provided does not matter in any way to the reader you will lose him in one shot.
  • The fonts you use must be readable.
  • The contrast between the background and foreground must be visible.
  • The text size should be sufficient.
  • The design should help in finding the content easily.

There are the basic and fundamental questions which can help you in assessing your website easily and then concluding what the areas are where improvement is required and for that you can contact your website development company. A website can be set-up in a day these days, but having a good quality website which entices the user is something which not only requires efforts but constant checking to ensure quality all the time.

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