How to Increase Twitter Followers

Are you an avid Twitter user?

If yes then you might have come across profiles going viral overnight and gaining huge popularity within a few days. While many of those take up genuinely intelligent approaches towards gaining immense popularity, a lot of them are spammers and use unethical ways to build a following.

For someone who works hard to get a following on Twitter, witnessing such accounts getting the huge chunk of followers is simply enough to make their blood boil.

Sharing your message on Twitter is not as easy as it seems, while it is very difficult to stand out among millions of Twitter users, gaining followers is even harder. Quality takes over quantity in every aspect of business and life, and same goes for Twitter followers as well. You would not want a mere number of followers who not even connect with you let alone share your tweets!

So how do you gather followers on Twitter while staying ethical and maintaining your name’s reputation?

The answer to it, may sound simple, requires patience, hardwork and above all, time.

Content Worth Sharing

Why would anyone want to share something that’s not even worth it?

This may sound blunt but that is the reality. You cannot survive for long on Twitter, even on any other social media account, if you fail to create content that captures people’s attention and interest. The best way to share the content is to do it in bits and pieces and at different times. See when your audience responds to it the most (that’s when you should be sharing in future).

You are never done with content sharing in a single tweet. Re-sharing the content while ensuring it does not sound boring is another twitter-art that works like magic.

While it is important to re-share the content, it is equally important not to behave like spammers. Share sensibly with intervals and ensure the content is engaging every time you share it and not just the first time.

Connect With People From Your Niche

You may have hundreds of Twitter followers but none of them really pay attention to your content and re-share it?

What must you be doing wrong?

Connecting with people from your niche and engaging them in your campaigns is the next important thing after creating share-worthy content.

How do you do that?

Simply ask them to participate. It does help. You must understand human psychology here a little bit. “Retweet if you agree”, “Retweet if you like”, “Retweet if you support”, with terms like these you can actually hit it where it requires. Simply asking out or giving people options helps you get re-tweets.

Raise Your Voice At The Right Time

Twitter is all about discussions on what’s happening at the very moment in the world. It is the only social medium out there that capitalizes on the immediacy of events and the sole medium of choice for people who wish to talk about ongoing events.

Grabbing on to the opportunity and steering the attention of people towards you in real-time conversation is extremely valuable. Voicing out your opinion with relevant hastags and under relevant tweets from recognized people and brands of your industry helps you gain more exposure. If you see discussion about an event relevant to you and your brand, do not leave out the chance to inject your voice into it.

Retweet Relevant Tweets

Another way you can make most out of the ongoing conversations and discussion on Twitter is by retweeting the content from people belonging to the same niche as yours. This is another way to get noticed among the masses. Their opinions are augmented through your retweets and yours become officially a part of the conversation.

Engage in Conversations

The main purpose of you to be on Twitter is to engage in conversation with your audience and that is exactly why other people are there as well, to engage in discussions in ways they cannot anywhere else. Listening to what people have to say, getting down to one-on-one discussion and solving people’s queries by giving them individual attention on Twitter accomplishes a lot for your brand.

Build A Momentum With Teasers

Success on Twitter is a matter of capturing people’s attention and a medium that is refreshed every second in terms of trends the ability to build eagerness among your audience is precious. The key to do so is to start a campaign days before the actual event and start tweeting about it. The best way is to add a customized hashtag and get people involved. Build a moment towards the main event through teaser tweets and highlights about what people should expect. If you successfully execute your campaign in such a manner you will definitely experience better response from your audience on the day of the actual event.

So, what makes your Twitter account a meaningful place for your followers?

Content worth sharing, engaging with people in conversation, staying active, recognizing what your followers have to share and appreciating their presence is all what you need.

Articles written by Fizzah Iqbal, web designer Dubai!

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