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How to Execute your Game App idea

Growth of smartphones industry has pushed the App industry forward which has now become a million dollars industry.

But wait, it does not stop here.

App industry, as indicated by statistics, is one of the fastest growing industries in the world which means consumers have accepted apps usage

Besides the tremendous growth, technology is improving everyday leaving room for developers and designers to fill in the growing space with more creativity.

Therefore, if you have come up with a gaming idea and want to bring to life by creating an app for it, you stand a good chance of making money with it.

But, it is more easily said than done.

If you are a developer and have already created some apps before, you already know the real struggle but if you are a non-tech person and think that your idea is the next “big thing” then you may be a little disheartened to know that it really isn’t that easy.

To get your app right, you need some guidance and advice.

Below are mentioned some of the core steps you need to observe in order to execute your game app idea lucratively.

A word of advice before you read further: the points mentioned below only give you an overview of how things should be executed in the apps business. You will need to tackle with a lot of issues while being on this road and may panic especially if you are a non-tech person and have not been in this business before.

Research the Market

Throwing up an App in the market and expecting it to perform among the other hundreds and thousands of apps is very impractical and childish for a businessman. Before you even start with the project, sit down and research the app stores.

Look for apps with ideas similar to yours and see how they have done it. Understand that you need to keep your idea unique if you want it to stand out.

A Unique Idea

I am going to be honest with you guys. There are high chances you create the app, put it on the app store and nobody downloads it.

There are greater chances that nobody even sees it! That is whole lot of different story and requires you to have some knowledge of App Optimizaton.

Before you begin with its marketing, you need to have a unique, user-friendly, never-made-before app. The best way to do this is to think from a user’s perspective and understand how your idea would make it easy for them.

Design Process

Before jotting down your thoughts onto paper, be very clear about what you want to design and how you want to see it run.

If you are still confused about some things, give yourself time and decide, only after researching the market extensively, what is it that will grab people’s attention and sell?

Once you know what you want to do with your game app, start putting together the pieces of ideas on paper.

Development and Updates

Can you develop apps?

If yes, much better.

If not, you may have to do some really hard work here finding a good developer and closing a deal with him. Choose an experienced developer to ensure your app gets the right attention and work.

Keep yourself updated with the progress of app creation while your mobile game developer is writing down codes. Check if it works well or not. Spotting any discrepancy and solving it before heading to the next step is essential.

Testing and Uploading

Once created, have the app tested and used by a few users. Note down the things they point out which feel out of the way and need to be fixed. Be open-minded, you will receive a lot of criticism besides appreciation. Use that criticism to your advantage to improve the app.

Once everything is approved and improved, the next step is to go live with it on the app store.

Marketing and Further Improvement

Marketing apps is another subject which requires separate discussion. But to keep things short, reach out to people and app users and convince them to try your game.

And while you market your game on social media and internet, do not forget to work on improving it.

Like they say, an app is never completed.

Your app is never finished, continuous improvement and updates are what make apps interesting among users.

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