How to Build a Stand-Out Brand in Dubai

Unless you are Kardashians or the newest pop sensation, chances are the general public of Dubai is woefully unaware of your existence. If you are the new fish in town, the sharks in Dubai are probably going to eat you up before you have a chance to stretch your fins.

Be bland and you are history

Get your creative gears turning. When IMG Worlds of Adventure wanted to promote the launch of its new dinosaurs in 2015, Dubai residents were warned to be on the lookout of escaped dinosaurs being taken into custody by security.

Ongoing events and holidays are the best time to market

Take some inspiration from SOS Children’s Villages in Sweden who got celebrity moms involved in their Mothers’ Day 2015 campaign depicting how they would have ended up without opportunities like millions of underprivileged families worldwide.

Freebies that fit into your story

Giving out free stuff is always a head turner but you must make it meaningful and make sure you get enough return on your investment in such marketing campaigns.

Sponsor exciting competitions

When Samsung Switzerland launched their S5 phone, that measured pulse, they gave away one to the person who kept their heart rate under 100bpm while they were given scares.

Real experiences intertwined with brand values

In February 2015, Reebok Stockholm announced its Be More Human campaign involving volunteers with a sponsored t-shirts helping people up escalators when those of the entire subway system broke down.

Social media in real time

People love social media because it’s fast and churns out news in real time. Take advantage of it by marketing in the here and now, not when the news gets old and no one’s interested any longer.

Involve influencers to garner interest

An anti-smoking campaign included a makeover booth that invited people to come catch a glimpse of their faces if they did not quit smoking soon based on expert opinions. Ex-Miss Universe Australia, Rachael Finch, posted her “makeover” to Instagram and got people talking about this issue.

Repetition for remembrance

The attention span of average Dubai local is pitiful at best so you must reiterate your message until they recognize your brand and remember your services.

Consistency is key

Remembering a brand is hard enough so don’t make it harder on your target audience by changing up your brand image every other day.

Meaningful marketing goes a long way

In Paraguay, UNICEF and Asuncion toy stores displayed “toys in mourning” to bring to light the alarming number of preventable infant deaths in the country each year using the #zeropreventabledeaths.

Clear message

You have to devise a campaign for all kinds of people in your target audience so keep it simple to avoid confusion or misinterpretation.

Relatable is the way to go

Connect with your consumers by showing them you understand them. Dubai’s police force was sent out in super-cop cars to combat car crime and elevate the city’s reputation.

Be professional and avoid false claims to gain your consumers’ trust and cement your brand image in Dubai.

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