How Social Media is Playing Role in our Daily Life

If we go back a decade and so and find out the things which have drastically changed our lives from technology point of view then probably we will end up with few numbers in our competition. The way how the smart phone industry evolved with years is impressive in its own way, how social media has changed our social lives is an equal potential contender.

How easy it has become to learn about happenings all over the world and in other people’s lives with just few clicks. Take a jump back 10 years, and no one would have thought they would still be in touch with the school friends who were miles away. Also remember about those relatives who lived abroad and you could only contact them like once a month as the calls were really expensive or write letters? Yes that time seems like a part of history now because with the advent of social media platforms everything seems just a click away.

Let’s start with few of the famous social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (yes we like to take things professionally too). Is there anything which you cannot do on Facebook now? From sharing your random thoughts, your pictures, your likes and commenting to playing games and apps, it has everything!

There is a reason they changed the famous “wall” to the “timeline”, as it represents your life and the way you spent it. Facebook allows you to be a part of your friends and families life. You can find new friends and join groups who have the same interests as yours and let’s not forget the pages! Yes like them and get all the latest news-feed on your home-page!

Was this all possible before? We don’t think so!

Twitter is different from Facebook but still quite a giant in the social media world. From this platform you can get latest news from any corner of the world! From live event coverage to latest product promotions and launches, the few word Tweets have changed the way how we take up news, altered business marketing plans and the way we connect with everyone.

Coming to LinkedIn, this is not like your Facebook or Twitter as it’s developed more for professionals.  Job hunting has changed altogether with this platform. You build up your resume here and prospective employees can look you up and offer jobs.

This platform has changed the job world a lot, often when you apply people end up looking for your profile on LinkedIn, moreover you can connect to a lot of people who share the same career as you and not only increase your links but also learn what’s going on in your domain of work.

Apart from these three, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr our website designers in Dubai found few more hit social media platforms which have millions of users all over the world.  Social media platforms have already changed our lives and in the next few years will bring more dimensions to the ways we interact with one another.

How Social Media is Playing Role in our Daily Life by

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