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Homepage Dos and Don’ts for Web Design

There are a few technical and basic things to keep in mind while you design a website or get it done from someone else. Non-technical people who come to you for their website would usually ask for flashy logos or overdone fonts and pictures but you, being a professional web designer, should know how to make their client’s web page attractive yet professional and not overdone. Today we would like to bring your attention to the most important page of a website that is the homepage. It’s like a digital welcome board to your website and makes or breaks the impression of your brand and website on the visitor, therefore, you need to be very professional and highly cautious with it. Having a beautiful homepage is not enough if you want visitors to stick to your website, it should be interactive and provide an uninterrupted environment for the visitors.

Below are given a few do’s and don’ts that could give you an effective homepage and a website on the whole.

Design and Layout

The first thing that anyone notices when visiting your website is its layout so don’t believe the people who say that judging a book by its cover isn’t right, it doesn’t apply everywhere at least not in the world of web designing. The key to a great website is a well organized, clean and clutter-free homepage which should grab the visitor’s attention simply with just a few things.

Do: Instead of going all flashy and overdone choose a layout for your website that is clean and easy to look at. A clean layout helps keep your website super easy to use and makes it look professional yet powerful which will ultimately go in your favour.

Don’t: A messy homepage looks ugly, unprofessional, and heavy on eyes and wards off visitors too easily. People do not like to look at too many images, text, ads and information right on the homepage which is not the most elegant and civilized way of presenting what you have to offer. Therefore avoid going over the board when it comes to the homepage.

Easy Navigation

All those websites which aim at increasing sales should focus on how they can make it easy for visitors to navigate through the website. They will definitely lose a lot of sales if they fail to stick users to their websites.

Do: People won’t waste more than a few minutes on your website if it fails to navigate them to other pages and highlights of your brand. Use proper tabs with clear readable text and keep it professional.

Don’t: Excess of text and pictures jumbled up making it difficult for a visitor to look for other pages and things on your website. Do not use too many word or pictures.

Fonts and Sizes

A perfect homepage is incomplete without pictures as well as a solid introductory text which introduces the brand to visitors but doesn’t go into unnecessary details on the homepage instead keep it simple and to the point.

Do: Keep the text on the homepage simple, precise and updated. Keep your readers updated with new stuff happening in the brand.

Don’t: Nobody reads a long text, therefore do not waste your time by putting a long text on your homepage. Try not to lose visitors by distracting them with too much text.

Pictures and Backgrounds

Pictures speak a lot and it holds true for everything including your website and its homepage. Instead of using a lot of text on the homepage, use just a few pictures not more than two or three to convey what your brand/website has to offer. You can sign up for free photos online if you do not have access to great photos otherwise.

Do: High-resolution pictures make a great difference and look extremely good as compared to some bad quality unprofessional pictures. Nothing tells more of unprofessionalism and non-seriousness than some bad quality picture on your website. People judge your brand with these little things.

Don’t: Like I said before, do not clutter the homepage with anything. Just one or two high-resolution pictures would be enough to capture visitor’s attention, avoid cluttering the page with too many pictures.

Colours and Themes

Colours may sound less important but they along with other elements set the whole tone and theme of your website and the homepage. Colour scheme should be consistent throughout the website, therefore, choose colours wisely. They should be representative of your brand and its aims. You can either keep the background plain with only two or three colours from the same palette as the rest of the website or choose a custom image to be uploaded as the background. Either way, keep it clean, simple and elegant.

Do: Like said above, choose the colours, palettes and backgrounds that go with your brand and the motive it carries.

Don’t: Avoid putting too many colours on the website that are not even consistent with its overall theme and look. Moreover, choose a background that does not distract users from the main text or images on the homepage.

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