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How to Handle Customer Service on Social Media

Social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter have evolved from being a place where people connect with each other to more than platforms for marketing and advertising for big and small brands and companies alike. Consequently these have become valid and important channels where customers ask for help and receive customer care service from the companies in question. According to a social media report, nearly half of consumers in USA use social media to ask questions to companies, to place a complaint or show loyalty to the brand. Furthermore, many social media users prefer social care to placing calls with companies.

Although the term “social care” is not a new concept yet it can present some real challenges to companies both large and small and as well as create opportunities to impact their sales positively and make a good customer loyalty and following. Expectations from customers regarding customer care are rising every year or say every now and then. They look towards companies to create a seamless experience for them from the stores to their Facebook timelines or Twitter handles, therefore simply having a social media profile and not utilizing it is a bad idea and not enough, you need to be very active on social media probably more than you are in your shop, store or showroom.

So how can one do that? Here we explain you out some best practices that you can adopt to provide great customer care service to your audience and customers either you are starting it out or plan to take it to the next level.

Create Memorable Experiences

When you provide customer care services to people on social media you are actually connecting with them in real time. They expect immediate response from you and you too should get back to them as soon as you can. Never delay on replying to queries on purpose, you will leave a bad impression, people do not like companies who are slow at responding back. You can use interaction in real time to your benefit as well by hearing the problem and solving it or at least try solving it instead of just hearing it. You can show them you really care by taking steps to solve their problems. Send them out a customized note, a gift card, a voucher or anything that will make their day and experience with you a memorable one. They surely will stick with your company for the rest of their lives.

Pay Attention

We all have experienced those conversions where we sense the other person’s interest fading away. Isn’t it plain annoying and rude? Same goes for social media. When you being a company set up an online platform for your customers to contact you, you are actually inviting them to your community to start a conversation regarding their concerns with the brand and their products, and remember conversations are a two-way street. You are bound to pay attention whether you like it or not. If you look forward to build long term relations with your customers and create a good name for your brand, be attentive and supportive to them in every situation.

Follow Through

If you want to make your customers relationships lasting and want to build a reliable knot with them, you will have to think and go beyond online conversations and give life to your claims of being “reliable” and “always there” for customers. Follow through with active profiles. If your audience see a deserted page especially the one with many followers it leaves a bad impression on them.

Go the Extra Mile

Do not be afraid to cross some limits to create memorable customer relation experiences, you will be surprised how loyal they can be if shown some attention and care. Maintain your social media profiles and accounts regularly and use the statistics to make your business better than your competition. If you are looking to outsource social media service  contact incubasys.

So what do you think what can be or should be done to incorporate social media into your customer care department?

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