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Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update: What You Need to Know

It’s confirmed news now that Google is coming up with an update to its search algorithm on April 21, 2015, which will include mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal for websites giving them an opportunity to rank higher in search results if they are among the mobile-friendly websites. Hire a web design company in dubai for responsive web development.

Why is Google Changing Things?

The number of mobile devices is rapidly increasing and people search the internet through their phones more than their laptop and desktop computers. There may come a time when mobile devices will outnumber the number of laptop and desktop computers that consumers use. Some studies have also shown that more than half of the mobile device users will not use a website for the second time if it is hard to use on mobile devices.

In response to the popularity which mobile devices have enjoyed and will continue to do so made Google think about this update giving mobile-friendly websites a bonus in search rankings. While there might be a lot to what mobile users actually want but a new mobile-friendly algorithm is what will make things easier for them. Some of the features that mobile users look for in a mobile-friendly website are: readable fonts, easy navigation, less clutter, convenient search and lack of pop-ups and the list goes on.

Will This Affect Desktop Rankings?

What we believe is that the rankings for desktop and mobile websites will be kept separate and one will not experience any drop in desktop rankings initially. There, however, might be a serious decrease in mobile generated traffic if you do not optimize your website before Google updates the algorithm. Another thing to keep in mind is that this separation in desktop and mobile rankings will not remain forever and people will have to make their websites mobile-friendly anyway.

Some Changes to Note

Like the Panda and the Penguin updates which caused a stir in the internet world when many websites lost their traffic significantly, this update will cause a change more significant than the previous ones and it might be an opportunity for many to take advantage of the mobile traffic to take their website ahead of the competition or may fall even behind. Here are a few changes which are sure to come with this algorithm change:

  1. It will be the individual web pages and not the whole website that this algorithm will be looking at while ranking them accordingly. This is a good news for those who have some of the pages optimized for mobile devices but not all, they have got the time to do the work.
  2. Google will crawl the web pages in real time which means that it will pick the pages up as they are updated so if anyone does not get their websites optimized by April 21, do not worry you can do so later too.

Determining if Your Site is Mobile – Friendly

Here is an easy way to check if your website is mobile-friendly or not.

  • Use the Mobile-Friendly Teston the Google Developer’s page to test your website by simply entering the URL of your website. The test will let you if you have less-than-mobile-friendly results and will provide you the link to Google’s blog where you can read about how to find mobile-friendly pages.

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  • Take Google’s course and learn how to establish a mobile-friendly website that will function well with the latest algorithm update.
  • Finally search for your website on the phone and see if it has the “mobile-friendly” label already or not.

The bottom line regarding this mobile-friendly change to Google’s search algorithm is that you need to redesign your website to a responsive one if you still have not as responsive web designs offer the best solutions your website can face regarding the internet.

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