How to Get People to Read Your Blog Post

There are so many websites and blogs on the internet that it is virtually impossible for everyone to read every other blog even the famous ones. It is not because they don’t like your blog but chances are they don’t even recognize you and your blog. The important thing is how long does a reader stay on your blog? Do they even stay? Are your blog posts worth reading? Do you feel your blog posts go ignored although you spend long hours of research on its content? Here we have gathered a few handy tips that you can apply to your blog posts and let them talk their worth through the content.

Everyone can create a blog but maintaining it to be interesting and posting posts that people actually read is the ultimate challenge for any blogger. Do you know if people are actually reading your posts even if you see traffic to your blog? What if they are not at all reading your posts or just skimming through parts of it? Being a blogger your goal would be not only to attract traffic but make them stay and read your posts too. Here is what you can do.

Keep the Flow

Try to convey your thoughts in the form of a conversation. Make it light and casual. The last thing you would want as a blogger to post something that looks like a serious essay of some sort. Use pronouns, address your readers and make the conversation relatable and personalize it according to the targeted audience. This is not that everyone can pull off right at the start but can be achieved through practice and proof-reading the posts before publishing it. When your posts feel like a routine conversation and not some literary class, people will be drawn to read it till the end.

Use lesser Words

Never bombard your readers with too much information in one blog post. People will eventually get tired and will not finish reading the whole thing. If you have many ideas related to a topic then break it into parts and talk about each part in a separate post. People do not like to spend a lot of time reading blog posts therefore try sticking to a word limit of 500-600 for each blog post and do not exceed it. Keep it short and snappy instead of long and boring.

Use Headings

The content of any of your blog post should not be overwhelming to the reader because most probably they are not even going to read past a few initial lines if you have failed at delivering a coherent speech in the content. Another important thing to avoid is to use large paragraphs or not using paragraphs at all. Break down your blog posts into parts, separate the different ideas into headings and bullet points. This makes it easy for the reader to scan the whole content in just a matter of seconds and get the vague idea of what lies inside. Think like a reader, will you rather read a blog post with all text and no paragraphs breaks, headings, important point highlights or bullet marks or a blog post with all these ingredients? If your answer is the latter then you better produce blog posts accordingly if you want people to read them.


Pictures do talk a lot but never get carried away with too many pictures even when they are not needed. Using too many pictures in the text will definitely affect the readability of your post but it won’t matter to you if you want the pictures to stand out and not the text. Use images only and where needed to support the text and not overlook it.


Let’s face the facts, nobody has got time to read the entire post even if you followed all the above points and yet you do not want to lose the chance to convey your message to the readers. What should you do then? Create a conclusion at the end of the post summarizing and highlighting all the important points you make in your conversation. This gives people a gist of the entire article in a matter of seconds.

I hope you successfully point out these things in your posts and implement the correct ways of writing a blog post.

Happy blogging!

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Posted by Fizzah Iqbal

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