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Where to Get Free Pictures for Your Website

Are you in search for images for your website or blog but cannot afford the expensive paid ones? You can improve your website, blog, article or any presentation by adding high resolution pictures but be careful, search engines like Google can quickly pick up any picture that you may have used without any prior permission of the owner. Using someone’s property like this can violate their copyrights if they have not made that available for free. This might cost you too, and you will have to pay the price to the owner of the picture in order to get free from any charges.

So what should be done in order to use pictures available on the internet? You definitely cannot use the ones which have copyrights on them but fortunately there are websites where you can find high quality images submitted by the owners with few or no copyrights and are available for the masses to use. Today we bring to you a comprehensive list of websites where you can easily access free commercial images for no cost at all.


Being the biggest photo sharing website on the internet, Flickr offers a platform for everyone to share their work. Many of the world’s best photographers use this website to showcase their pictures and not everyone gives away the rights to download them. Therefore, visit the Advanced Search Page and check “Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content”. When you find a picture you want to download, check for the details of what you can and cannot do with the picture on its right-hand side.


One of the best places to start your search for free images is without any doubt Stock.XCHNG which has more than 400k images on every topic. You might need to read their license agreement carefully before start downloaded because they have a more complex license agreement than many other similar websites out there.


This website was launched 16 years back in 1998 which means by now they must have built up a hefty collection of all sorts of photos. Openphoto has made their website neatly into well-chosen categories clicking on one leads you to the image gallery of pictures related to that category.


Pictures available on Stockvault’s website are free only for personal, non-commercial use only. Using them for commercial purposes can land you into trouble of violating their terms and regulations. This website has a small but high quality image collection, logo templates, textures, background images etc which makes it a perfect place for anyone to use for their website.


Unprofound is a non-profit website with no significant restrictions on the use of pictures whatsoever. You do not need to register with them in order to download the images, simply go to the website and download whatever image you want to. Being a non-profit site also saves you from annoying pop-up ads.

Free Media Goo

Free Media Goo has a relatively small library of low resolution images which can be searched in just a few minutes. Again, you do not need to register, just download anything that appeals you. There are however some impressive pictures also in the collection along with some textures too.


Morguefile is easy on licensing and you do not need to register to download your favourite shots. The best thing about this website is its search tool; you can narrow down your search to required pictures by filtering through various categories, keywords, size, rating and even colours.

Pixel Perfect Digital

Pixel Perfect Digital has over 4k+ photos on their website which are neatly organized into categories. The best part about this website is the availability of large collection of digital art and stylish images which are hard to find elsewhere.


Image*After although doesn’t have quite a good collection of conventional photos but their abstracts are very compelling and attractive for someone who is looking for an unusual background images.


Freerange has great collection of photos varying in every category from animals, objects, people, places, arts or abstracts. The only put-off of this website is that irrelevant pictures might also come up in your search.

Free Photos Bank

The Free Photos Bank website offers no registration and free downloading procedure which is of course quite convenient. They have typical collection of photos ranging from people, animals, landscape and so on. For someone who is looking for unusual backgrounds for their website or blog this is a good place to check all those abstract photos.

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