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Easy Ways to Get More Downloads for your Mobile App

Smartphone industry has taken the experience of smartphones to a whole new level with all the new features and millions of mobile apps available for users to download and enjoy. Although the app industry is getting bigger and bigger with many opportunities for mobile app developers and designers but the competition has raised as well. For your app to rise up in the store, it has to be downloaded by a number of people, the more they download the more it’ll rise up in rankings. Your app might be the one of the best ones out there in terms of design and performance but you just couldn’t have it reached out to as many people as you wanted.

Here are a few things that you can exercise in order to increase your app’s number of downloads.

App Description

The first and the most important thing for your app are its name or title and the description to go with it. Both the title as well as the description should be rich in keywords but do not cross the limits while writing both of them. Moreover, refrain from using names of apps or titles which are already present in the market, this outs a big question mark on the credibility of your app. The app description should be concise and to the point clearly stating the use of your app and its advantages. If the app has versatile functions which make it useful, go ahead and state them too but then again do not go over the board and come up with unique title and description.

Video Advertisement

This is s must. If you are not good enough at making videos, then have the job done by some professional person. The video must be available in local language for people to understand it well. If you do not have the budget to have it translated, go ahead with the subtitles or make the video in the most common language probably English, it will definitely help with the download rate of your app.

Website/Blog and Advertise

Once your app is successfully launched at the app store, next thing you would want to do is to create a website or a blog for it. This will help users to acquire useful information regarding the app and its usability. You can even apply screenshots and ask your friends to write reviews for the app which will encourage other users to do the same. Keep your readers updated with blog where you can share tips and tricks on how to make the most out of the app, your future projects, and the incoming news about the updates on the app etc. Do not forget to get feedback on your app from the users, how you can improve it and what changes they would like to see. There is so much to keep the blog or website active and the audience busy with your app once you have launched it.

Discount Offers

Who doesn’t love discounts or great apps for free? Attract users to download your app when it is still new in the market by offering them a free version for limited time. Go for discount offers either on special occasion or even without them. These are some of the best ways to attract users as free apps are downloaded much more than the paid ones. Once the app grows rating, put a price tag on it.

Media Release

The moment your app is released don’t just sit back and wait for people to discover it themselves, advertise it instead. Create a media releases and get it published on credible and famous websites so that your app gets maximum exposure. Before you start the media campaign, decide on the design and branding of the app which will help you a lot in the long run. You can even offer a free trial to people who are willing to buy your app; this will help create a relation of trust and will also give the users a chance to try out the app before committing to it by paying.

Use Analytics

Analytics is a must, just like for your website or blog you should set up analytics tools for your app. It’s a great way to keep an eye on the app performance and users’ behaviour right from the app download to the app deletion.

Use A Cover Image For Google Play

Each app should have its unique identity which will tell it apart from the rest of the similar apps in the market. If people fail at doing so, your app will not make any significant business. To add to the unique identity, do not forget to put up a cover image for your Android app which most of the developers either choose to ignore or forget. Simple things can make a great difference in the world of mobile phones and apps. Do not repeat the same cover photo for the screenshots, at least try not to. If you still do, make sure the images fit well accordingly and don’t look unattended.

Professional Screenshots

Personalized photographs for screenshots work best. Do not ever take picture off the internet and photoshop them for your usage. If possible, have either a professional photographer capture the right pictures for the app or bring out your photographer skills and click some high resolution pictures that your audience can connect to. The pictures should be “app appropriate” for example show a child with a tablet in her hands if your app is related to children.

So these are some of the easy ways to get more downloads for your mobile app. You may not be able to pull off everything at once but you should start with something right away.

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