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Does your Website Need W3C Validation?

Besides maintaining the quality of content and physical appearance of website, it is equally important to sustain technical excellence of web pages so that they are better ranked by search engines. W3C which stands for “World Wide Web Consortium” allows website developers to keep up a quality for web pages by performing a validation process. There are certain formatting standards set by W3C for websites’ codes to follow in order to avail the various advantages associated with web ranking and traffic attraction in internet world and W3C validation is the process of running websites’ code through a test to check if it follows those certain standards or not.

In order to avoid your website suffer from a number of problems mentioned below, you must validate the pages of your website according to W3C standards.

1. Practice Best Web Design

Writing code for websites require effort and practice to make it error-free and while many experienced web developers have managed to write an error-free code without leaving much room for validation errors but many new developers still make a lot mistakes which can be easily pointed out by W3C validation. Beginners can learn a lot from W3C validation which allows developers to practice best web design by designing websites based on standards-compliant code.

2. Browser Friendly Website

One of the main reasons of W3C validation is to make websites browser-friendly, a problem faced by many websites. Non-validated websites may display correctly in one browser but may show errors in some other browser. Formatting problems are displayed by websites when viewed in different browsers which are not validated by W3C standards. Whereas, a W3C validated website exhibits no error in display and format regardless of browser used.

3. Better SEO Rankings

Search engines, while ranking different websites in their search results, check for the HTML and XHTML code on them. If they detect a faulty or invalid code which does not conform to the standards and rules set by W3C then your website might get removed from indexes of search engines which, in turn, will highly affect website’s rankings and traffic causing the owner a lot of pain in recovering the business. Checking website for W3C validation removes any chances of error in code and helps the website to get better search engine rankings.

4. Enhanced User Experience

Websites validated by W3C standards are error-free and users are less likely to be interrupted by faulty display and other inaccurate format improving website’s usability and functionality. A website which takes too long to display is likely to have an error in the code and W3C validation helps to reduce the code size enabling website to load faster with an improved flow. Furthermore, W3C validated websites are easily accessed by various browsers as mentioned previously.

5. Multiple Device Accessibility

Ever since the introduction of smartphones and various other devices, people have started browsing internet through them as well besides laptops. Much of the internet traffic comes through mobile devices, therefore, there is a growing need for websites that appear as well on mobile devices as on laptops. W3C validation enables web developers to create responsive websites which can be accessed through mobile phones without being faulty.

6. Easy Maintenance

W3C validation not only makes website code error-free but also efficient and easy to edit. Whenever the developer wants to edit a certain portion of the website or if he desires to create a similar website with a similar format, he can always edit the code easily and use it for future websites.

Therefore, if you want your website to be error-free, run smoothly, be user and browser-friendly; and be visited by as many users as possible, which of course is crucial for every successful website, then you need to have it validated according to W3C standard code validation for that reason you can hire our web design Dubai company.

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