Does Reading Make You Smarter?

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” – Sir Richard Steele

Much has already been said and written by scientists and researchers about the importance of reading and how it affects one’s ability to function excellently not only in personal but professional life as well. Reading is an essential exercise for your brain like a healthy work out is to your body, as rightly said by Sir Richard Steele. And like, physically fit people can do a lot better in their daily lives, people who are avid readers are much better at giving their best to almost everything they do. They have better imagination, artistic skills; know how to think deeply and intellectually over things which non-readers might ignore and have a knack of communicating effectively with people.

But how is all of this possible? Does reading really make a person smarter or is it just an illusion of a sort? The following major intellectual benefits associated with reading books prove that people who are avid readers are in fact smarter than non-readers.

Expands Your Vocabulary

The obvious benefit of reading is it expands your vocabulary. Although it is a gradual process but highly effective in letting your learn new words. You are exposed to new words and their meanings whenever you read and there is this strong urge inside a reader to look up the meaning of some word they just read for the first time. Expansive vocabulary always helps.

Improves Your Communication Skills

You might have come across a few people in your life who, while talking, are almost always at loss of words. Well I am not being judgemental here but inability to come up with the right word at the right time while communicating is something you don’t have to face if you are a habitual reader. Readers may run out of money but never out of words.

Develops Your Analytical Skills

Reading enables you to use your brain to its fullest; it boosts your brain cells by enhancing the blood flow to them. And according to psychologists, those who read have a wider general knowledge and a better grasp of patterns which makes them analytically superior to non-readers.

Effective Memory Booster

Reading enhances your ability to remember things as well. While you read, you are basically training your brain cells to store ideas and words which eventually help to boost your memory. Skimming through pages might not help you if you look forward to improve your memory by reading books.

Enhances Your Ability To Focus

While you can always finish a book by skimming through its pages but you can never say you actually understand what you have read. Reading requires one to focus and it actually polishes one’s ability to concentrate.

Let’s get down to reading guys!

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