9 Ways to Get Traffic to Your E-Commerce Website

Do you have a store in the market which is doing great and want to take your business online but do not have the faintest idea of how to and where to begin? Start by having an e-commerce website and work on the digital marketing tactics to improve your website and draw traffic to it so that people will buy your products, you might need to word hard on this because conventional marketing methods will not work in digital marketing world. How can that be done? Here we have listed some ways that you can use to attract traffic to your website and get more sales.

A Real Life Shop

So you have a real life shop where you sell the products and offer services related to your work and company and want to have a website too that represents your work in the digital world so you can have the best of both worlds. This usually works great and should always be considered by small business owners as an option to promote their work. What you can do is really simple, make your customers aware that you have a running website too and that they can always go online and place their orders with you even if they do not feel like coming down to the shop. Have customized leaflets printed and distribute it among people coming to your shop. Both a real life shop and an e-commerce store can work great together.

Sales Events and Markets

Even if you do not have a real life store but attend sales events and markets around the country to sell your goods besides having an e-commerce website, you can follow the above tip. Hand out leaflets to people you meet on sales events and make them aware of your online presence. This is important because if you do have a shop and attend events somewhere far away from it, people of course will not travel all the way to your shop to purchase your goods therefore having an e-commerce site is something crucial here.

External E-Commerce Websites

Besides your own website you might have a presence on other e-commerce websites such as Amazon, eBay, etc, you must make people aware on those platforms too that you have also had an individual website where you offer same services and a greater variety of goods. If you do not have a presence on external website consult web design agency in Dubai, UAE to arrange it!

Mini Sites

You can set up mini sites for specific line of products and link them all to your full website. Expand your online presence like this and you will get the benefit of more and more visitors to your website.


A blog dedicated to your e-commerce website can prove to be an ideal tool to attract traffic from various places to your website. You must post interesting relevant stuff regularly on the blog which can improve your search engine optimization i.e. your ranking in search engines, your social activeness and can work wonders on gaining customers’ trust and crating brand awareness among people.

Google Shopping

When someone searches for a specific product on Google, it pulls together related information from all over the internet so that the visitor can compare the different prices before making a purchase with someone. You can display your entire products’ catalogue using this service with a link directly to your website. Your products get more exposure to the people who are searching for them.

Email Marketing

Retain the traffic you have built by emailing your customers the latest updates, ins and outs, happenings in your business, what’s new and what’s popular etc. Use their emails to send them newsletters, discounts, coupons or contests. You can encourage more engagement this way as compared to other marketing strategies and can also draw more customers.

Social Media

Widening your online presence always does the wonders. It is not only great for attracting new customers, driving traffic to your e-commerce website but also retains the traffic you have already built. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram are some social media platforms used by almost everyone who has an access to the internet therefore having your presence there gives you extra points in digital marketing.


One of the best and fool-proof methods of driving traffic and engaging them on your website is by arranging give-aways or competitions for the visitors and users. Everyone loves a fun competition and a goodies giveaway, engage people by encouraging them to participate and spread the word.

What will you try?

Let us know if you already follow any of these tips or share with us if you have any other digital marketing tactic on your mind.

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