6 Ways To Incorporate Storytelling In Web Design

Story-telling is one of the best means of communication and passing on information from one person to another. It has always been a very powerful tool not only to entertain but to communicate and educate people as well. You might even have experienced this by yourself, something told in the form of a story sticks to your mind more than some information which appears random, right? This shows just how easily our minds can pick up and remember information from a story rather than some random thoughts. That is the reason story-telling has been a means of educating people for hundreds and thousands of years now passing down information from one generation to another.

And now in this age of internet and information technology, we find ourselves once again in need of some ways of story-telling to convey information to our customers. The primary medium for businesses to convey information to people regarding their company and services is the website and the websites which communicate that information in story-telling form are usually the best ones. The best web designers in the world know their way around making fun and attractive website out of some boring stuff and this is done by communicating information in the form of the story.

Here are a few different ways to incorporate story-telling in your web design Dubai and make it more effective in communication.

Background Images

Background images are a powerful way to set up the mood for your story. They can take up any role you want them to. They can be central and focussed or blurry and subtle and still be a part of the entire story. Instead of leaving out blank space, an image in the background can add to the overall feel and depth of the story and website.

Words and Text

Besides setting a background theme for your story, words are the other important part of what you have to communicate. And by putting your story into words does not at all mean you have to write long paragraphs, which actually will be a huge put off for readers if you do so, instead keep things short and interesting. Use text in such a way that it complements background images as well as other photos in your story.


Information conveyed through images is more powerful and happens to linger longer in one’s mind than text. People prefer visual information over texts thus making images a great way to tell the story and communicate with the audience. Keeping less text and more high definition images make your website more pleasant and the information on it more convenient for people to look at and process.


Besides using photos you can also have your designer illustrate the entire story. You can either opt for realistic illustrations or abstract ones and can use them in place of pictures. Illustrations too have all the visual advantage over text just like pictures, therefore, combining them with text with giving your story a powerful outlook.

An Identity

What separates good web designs and websites from poor ones is all the good ones have a theme and a personality attached to it which makes people come back every time. This aspect of modern web design helps you to be real and connect with people on a more personal level. Instead of being vague and abstract in your story, give it an identity. Make sure the story you are telling is coming from some real person so that it becomes much more authentic and trustworthy and helps people connect to it.


Now, this is an interesting and fun option and you could do a lot with it. Film yourself or anyone else from your company and ask them to tell the story you want to put up on the website for people to see. You can even film some fun video around your products and services. Another option is to film testimonials instead of having them in written form.

These are just a few ideas of the many with which you can tell your story to the audience. You can even be creative and come up with something unique that no one else has yet done it and that can become your identity.

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