6 Psychological Misconceptions that Suppress The Capabilities Of A Web Designer

Daily routine tasks or the work at your job, every one of us has faced some depression or psychological breakdowns when it comes to give our best in either. Some of us tend to manage the work and rest properly but then there are people who struggle at keeping a balance between the two. Here we shall be discussing some psychological misconceptions that may hold web designers and professionals back from moving ahead in their carriers and ways to combat these psychological traps.

#1 Pleasing Clients in Every Way

Pleasing others while ignoring your own experience and knowledge regarding anything could be a disaster for you since everything you do goes into your portfolio. Every client has a vision of his/her web design which he/she would want you to interpret exactly, this may not be possible every time. There are various web designs on the internet which are the by-products of bad web designing ideas probably due to pushy clients. You may accept a particular demand at first but may regret later and think that you could have said “no”.


Can you show your portfolio including the “bad designs” to prospective partners? If yes, then you need worry about it but if your answer is no then convince your client either to drop his idea or amend it in a way that it looks better. Moreover, in the end designers are blamed for the work even if the idea was not theirs. So better convince the client instead of regretting our your decisions later.clients

#2 No or Less Communication

Let’s be honest to ourselves – the more connected we are today the less connected we actually are! Sitting on your laptop, working for hours, tweeting the news, chatting on messengers, discussing problems on group chats and expressing your emotions with stickers and emoticons is just not the way to do it. This way of communication definitely does not tell you the actual feelings or ideas of other person. Real communication is lost somewhere in virtual talks and trying to figure out solutions over the internet does not solve them at all.


Talk to real people, hold discussion with your team members, clients and listen to their ideas on a single table. Talk to them, laugh with them, smile at them and have a cup of coffee. This way of communication is much better and faster than talking over FaceTime and solves a lot of problems. Do not wait until your client bumps into you, invite them yourself to discuss the project.apps

#3 Not Making New Contacts

Losing self-confidence can damage your work, creativity and scope to improve to a great extent. Since web developers tend to work alone for most of the times, the usually end up being limited to their shell and comfort zone. It becomes really easy to answer your own questions when you do not talk to anyone else, this may harm your work abilities.


Really simple. Initiate new contacts. Grow your friends’ circle, talk to like-minded people about your difficulties and problems. There are so many forums online which are made to solve web designers’ and developers’ problems solely out of love for the work they do, yes such passionate people do really exist in this world. Talking to others will give you better and quicker solutions to your problems and will make your comfortable even out of your “comfort zone”.comm

#4 Hiding Your Thoughts From Others

Your work is highly affected by the state of your mind and not communicating your feelings to your bosses or clients will leave you in despair. Asking for something right away may sound unprofessional, unprepared or downright stupid. Your manager will never know if your system needs updates or you require something essential for your work until you tell them yourself.


This may sound absurd but you should develop the skill of asking. Think about it, this little improvement can affect your work in a positive way. Communicating your thoughts to others will leave you with no depression and you will end up delivering your best at designing a logo, code or app.

#5 Moving On In Life

Everybody remembers their worst work experiences and clients who drove then nuts but moving in life is crucial to your future successes. Web designers also fall prey to the nightmare of bad work experiences like all other creative people in the world.


Forget it. Yes, forget the bad experiences you had in past. Talking about them over a cup of coffee with fellow developers and designers and listening to their stories will make you fell lighter, happier and much more relaxed.move on

#6 Dragging Things Too Long

Working right before deadlines may trigger that “creative person” inside some people but you have to consider this as well that web designing and developing is a team work and others depend on you. A slight delay from your side may cause serious failures all over. So is procrastination a good thing? Deadlines are good as well as bad, people tend to be really productive under deadlines and on the hand they tend to be frustrated with deadlines.


Divide your work in portions and have breaks in-between. Do not over stress yourself and your team in order to prove your efficiency. Submitting your work on the deadline is better than submitting way before it. Keep the environment light and relaxed and you will do great in every project.

We hope you do not get carried away by these mistakes and affect your creative side. Remember designers and developers create splendid work pieces out of scrap. Believe in yourself and your skills and you shall conquer every hardship in life and carrier as well.

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