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5 Ways to Improve a Website’s Conversion Rate

In order to get more customers online an appealing website is really important but along with that you cannot ignore the real purpose of your website, to convert the incoming traffic into sales, contact forms, personal visits, revenue generation etc. Without all these actions you cannot carry along your business for long, the more conversation rates your website produces the more revenue you will generate.

Some of the basic practices related to conversion rates are common, like those related to marketing campaigns in which you should have optimized landing pages with clear action buttons and contact information, the loading time of the pages and user experience of the website as a whole. But then there are some other strategies which you can follow easily to increase your conversion rates, so let’s discuss these today.

  1. It’s time to ditch stock photography

Stock photography can be great for certain things like blog posts etc. They are great and you have quite a good collection to choose from but these high quality images do not belong on your company’s home page. Hire a professional photography and take pictures of your team and office and place them on your site, it gives a personal and professional touch which cannot be attained with stock photography.

  1. Focus on simple navigation

When customers come to your website they should be able to find the required information with 2-5 seconds (at max)! If it takes longer than this, then they will get frustrated and leave for another website offering the same products as yours. Keep your navigation as simple as you can, the more time users spend on your page the more chances of getting conversions.

  1. Time for mobile conversions!

Around 16% of searches done this year were done from mobile phone as per Google and with the sales of mobile phones and smartphones increasing the number will for sure rise. Statistics have also shown that mobile based sites get more levels of engagement as compared to standard web based ones. So this is the perfect time to optimize your website for smartphones as it will increase your conversion rates without any doubt. You will available to customers on the go, what else they need?!

  1. Go for simplicity

Many years back web designs were quite heavy, tons of flash and animation were everywhere. In contrast, today it’s about flat, clean and simple designs. Back then brands tries to get the attention of their customers which quirky content and features but today people appreciate simplicity. Grab the attention of your customers with clean content and solid features. Too much of everything will not only confuse them but also slow down the response time!

  1. Videos

Videos add quite a attention holding content amongst the static one. They tend of create a different experience for the users regarding the services you offer. You can use videos for the promotion of your products, give the users a virtual tour of what they can expect from you, show how to use different products or a personal video from your end thanking and appreciating your valued customers.

As web designers in Dubai we found these tips great for increasing website conversion rate!

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