5 Ways to Improve the Usability of Website

Usability of any website, be it an e-commerce one or a simple website providing the information regarding a product, is one the major and more often overlooked aspects of the web design dubai. In fact, it should be considered more important than website design. It should be an integral part of your website’s design and development process but it still not stops here. After you are past the design and development process and your website is launched successfully you need to keep a check on its usability to make it better for the users and visitors. If you fail at keeping your website user-friendly and usable you will surely lose traffic and customers. Therefore usability testing should be carried out post-web-production which would dictate what improvements need to be made to the website to enhance usability.

Below are mentioned a few simple ways which can be used to test the website’s usability and improve it.

1.    Readability

This is the prime factor in making a website a hit or a miss. Readability is one of the signs which indicate a website’s usability problems. If your website has some readability issues then there is a great chance that your visitors will get offended and annoyed and may never return back to your website. This means you will lose visitors, traffic and potential customers. Therefore you must take necessary and appropriate steps to improve your website’s readability to avoid losing prospective customers. You can alleviate the readability issue off your website by following some guidelines such as enough amounts of white space, proper spacing and paragraphing, displaying content in bullets form and keeping the banners, sidebars and text boxes in such a way that they do not divert the users while navigating the website.

2.    Background Colour, Texture and Contrast

Colours affect the user’s psychology and experience, therefore, various considerations need to be made while selecting colours for your website. Various colours have different meanings in various cultures and need to be kept in mind in order not to offend anyone while marketing your products. Before finalizing on a colour palette, stop and think what colours your users would prefer. Try not to exceed three colours for your website; do not clutter it with colours. The same goes for selecting texture and patterns used in the background. Keep a contrast between the fonts and background to make it easy on eyes.

3.    Images and their placement

Make it a rule to use high-quality pictures on your website and choose them carefully so that they appeal to your end users and make a positive impact on them. Make your website or blog stand apart from other websites by using customized or unique pictures which are relevant to your work. Also, make sure the images are placed properly and do not look out of place otherwise they will distract the visitors and put a negative image on them about your website.

4.    Navigation

People access the internet more often from their phones as compared to desktops and laptops, therefore, make sure your users are able to navigate your website easily on their handy devices. For that purpose, keep the layout of website simple and apply it to all the web pages, also avoid using horizontal scrolling which users find irritating to use.

5.    Effortless Usage

Your users should be able to use the website with ease. You can make it possible by limiting scrolling, having call-to-actions with few clicks, avoiding unnecessary form filling, putting identifiable icons and buttons and highlighting latest or popular products.

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