5 Tips to Promote Your Facebook Page

Almost every company, website or blog has a Facebook page these days for two reasons: one being you get fair chances of reaching out to some audience through Facebook who probably do not use any other social media platform on daily basis; and two, all of your competitors have one and so you do too. Would you like to be the odd one out and not have a Facebook page? Here we mention a few tips for you to implement and see an increase in your Facebook audience but bear in mind, just because these are tips it doesn’t mean they are easy to do and will show their effect immediately.

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1. Put Your Facebook Page Everywhere

Having a Facebook page is like having a virtual shop where people can contact you regarding your products/services and may become customers in future. It is one of the easiest ways to approach people now-a-days; almost everyone owns a Facebook page. You also get to explore opportunities to counter market and promote partners. If you have a physical business and have made a Facebook page to reach out to more and more people then make sure you promote your Facebook page on every handout, brochure, menu, flyer, business card, products and material etc. There are great chances that people will choose Facebook over any other social media platform to connect to you because this is the only platform that almost everyone uses who has internet access. Put from Facebook URL under your signatures in emails also.

2. Leverage On Other Online Profiles

It’s the age of the social media boom where you will not meet a single person who does not have social media accounts. Therefore instead of just stopping at Facebook, use your other social media accounts to counter-promote between your social profiles. For example connect your Twitter and Facebook profile together, post and promote on one and the other updates on its own. Use the information section in your profiles and add link to your Facebook page. Moreover, add social media buttons to your website, store or blog. The idea behind all this is to get maximum exposure, whenever someone will discover your page and if it interests them they will visit it and may “Like” it too.

3. Post Regularly & Effectively

This is not something new to Facebook users. We all know it’s important and crucial for your page’s promotion to keep your audience updated on happenings, news, latest, updates etc but should everything be posted? Probably not. There are the posts called “share-worthy” posts which should be posted on your Facebook page but refrain from posting everything or anything that will only damage your brand’s reputation instead of building it. The trick is to know what your fans like and post accordingly but gain don’t over-do it, the last thing you will want is people to block you off their news feed.

4. Maintain Interactivity

If you wish your fans are active on your page then you have to be active too. The more you engage with your fans the more they will return to your page. Create fun, attractive posts related to latest news and updates. Your fans will most likely share it among their social circle which in turn can make their friends your fans. You can even engage your Facebook fans with discounts and giveaways exclusively for them. This will not only attract existing fans but will also draw new fans towards your page.

5. Don’t Spam Or Ignore Them

This is very important. You can neither spam nor ignore your fans. Spamming includes tagging your fans in the posts or pictures, posting your Facebook URL on their timelines, asking them to like your page without them having to discover you. They will definitely get annoyed and may not come back to your page ever again. Second most important thing is never to ignore your fans. If they send out to you a query regarding your brand and products, no matter how senseless it sounds it to you do not ever ignore it. Answer them and appreciate their effort of taking out time to write to you.

So after reading all of this, one thing must be clear to you. Effort is the key, you have to put in a lot of effort to maintain a page, grow it as a community and then have your fans stick around.

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