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5 Steps to a Successful Mobile Application Launch

The effort and investment that goes into the creation of a mobile application is no joke so you must ensure that none of it goes to waste. It takes expertise from various areas to gather the arsenal required to win the launch battle in such a competitive market. With millions of amazing mobile apps popping up each day, do not underestimate the competition. In fact, it is better to be over prepared and put back up plans in place.

Draft a game plan

Instead of zooming towards the finish line, set goals and expectations regarding the sales, downloads and customer reviews. The components for constructing the perfect mobile app must be clearly defined. It is essential that you determine a timeline which will help you implement your step by step plan at strategic times. The release date is perhaps the most important aspect of this timeline. Look into the market to check the release dates of other apps and major attractions to prevent clashes.

Previews, beta testing and feedback

To build anticipation, releasing teasing trailers is a powerful strategy which gives users a glimpse of your mobile app. Reach out to influencing parties and invite them to preview your application. Their response to your mobile app will not only gain you extra promotion but send out good vibes connected to it. The consumers’ opinion must be your highest priority so test the waters before the actual launch. Provide generous incentives for your beta testers and let them be the first to get updates. Their feedback will provide much needed insight into the needs of users enhancing your app development process.

Smart timely marketing

The outcome rests not only on the quality of your mobile app but also on how you present it to your target audience. Try to involve the marketing experts as soon as possible in the development because their valuable advice can help you tweak the app’s appearance. Marketers can aid you in deciding the app’s name, keywords, description, previews, blogging details about the development, promotional channels, forums for audience interaction, outreach planning, press planning and finalizing the timeline. Email marketing may prove to be a great asset so accomplish it wisely. Remember to confirm the content for all promotional channels well before time because it plays a vital role in gaining the right sort of attention for your app.

Market research and distribution channels

Before diving headfirst into the market, take stock of the current situation there. Assess your competitors and check out the response to their mobile apps. Listen to the complaints and praise of the app users to understand what elements were missing and which were loved. This will go a long way to saving your resources and guaranteeing a higher success rate. Another method to conserve your resources is to select the most suitable distribution channels for your mobile app and stick to it. This makes it easier to monitor the situation and drive user traffic to a single location.

Post launch strategy

How you react and manage the situation after your mobile app is launched speaks volumes. Take quick steps to engage and retain the users you have gained. Provide incentives for sharing important notifications or unlocking bonus features of your mobile app. The creation of user friendly video tutorials helps cement the developer-user relationship. You can employ a marketing angle while updating the app’s description for the store. Make a habit of responding to user feedback. Using analytics like daily and monthly active usage Retention Rate, average revenue per user, Life Time Value, etc to measure success is a good move but remember to utilize this data properly to get maximum advantage from it.

When you ensure that everything is in its right place and executed flawlessly at the right time, a successful mobile application is guaranteed. Be careful about certain elements pre and post launch and you will have no problem gathering a loyal audience for your mobile app.

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