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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Website

New Year’s is just around the corner so buckle up for a bumpy ride! Maybe you have gotten smarter and learnt from the mistakes of last year. So, why not ease over those bumps on the road instead of bearing those painful jolts? Like any respectable intellectual you must have made some personal resolutions but what about your website? Do you foresee a bright future for it next year? Make sure your dreams don’t crumble into dust by pledging to perform these simple tasks to keep your business website thriving for years to come. Get in touch with a professional web design company in Dubai to help your spruce up your website.

1. Focus on the enhancement of user experience

Businesses may be run by CEOs but the real boss is the consumer. Please the consumer and half your work is done.


When was the last time you did a deep cleaning of your website code and content? There are probably loads of useless data clogging your system and slowing down the speed of your website. You will be losing users just because you were forgetful of its upkeep. Remove broken links and mistakes in the code or content. Ensure that there are no annoying bugs causing problems in its regular operation.


Set up a complete analytical system for measuring the progress of your website. Try Webmaster Tools from Google and Bing and Google Analytics. Tools like Smart Goals offer great insight into specific sections of your website.


If you have a reliable CMS like Joomla, etc. then your day to day functions become easier to handle as most of the jobs are automatic and provide useful notifications. Update to the current version of your selected CMS so that there are no issues regarding compatibility and you don’t miss out on cool new features.

Trends are not just for Paris catwalks

Everyone likes something fresh and exhilarating as opposed to the same old porridge they have been fed since the dawn of the internet. Incorporate the latest web design trends that suit your website and watch your rankings peak.

Think about your mobile users

Consider investing in a responsive or mobile website version after pondering over the population of mobile users you cater to along with returns on investment.

2. Show search engines a little holiday love

It’s not really fair that search engines have to do all the work while websites don’t improve their quality. It seems like search engines have just about had it with such lazy websites. SEO optimization of your website can work wonders for your search engine ranking and save you from the wrath of Google. Work on essentials such as titles, headings, URLs, headers, alternate image tags, meta descriptions, etc. to ensure relevancy and quality. Check that your website content is in line with the ethics and latest SEO guidelines released by Google.

3. Weave together the web of your online business

It’s like a game of connect the dots that make sure there are no loose ends that may potentially damage your brand’s reputation.

Take stock of website elements

With the strict new guidelines in place and rising awareness of users about the properties of a good website, you have your work cut out for you. Every single element of your website must be examined for its value and discarded or updated as required.

Careful link building

There is no excuse for poor link building because you are clearly aware of what your brand stands for and which keywords are suitable for it. Do not make the mistake of linking to unreliable or irrelevant websites or blogs. Otherwise, your website will probably be thrown out of the competition according to Google.

Business listings

Check and update your business listing on popular websites if you wish to be organized and recognized among your peers and target audience.

4. Don’t think they didn’t notice your poor content

Build an effective content strategy for the coming year because the integrity of your business depends on it. If your content is not up to par with the standards set by your competitors and search engines, you risk losing your online business altogether. Revamp your content including text, images, videos, etc. according to the current trends and information.

5. Encourage a loyal following

What is the point of a shiny new website if you do not have enough followers to convert? Get on it right now!

Social media is your friend

Create a social media strategy for your website on all popular platforms including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Do not underestimate the obsession of the masses with social media and exploit it fully to your advantage.

Blogging is healthy

Set up a blog for your business and connect it to your official website. It will not only showcase the latest news about your products, services and events but also provide useful knowledge on relevant topics to your target audience. It will help to generate higher traffic to your website.

Take advantage of the spirit of New Year’s while it lasts and build a strong foundation for your website for next year.

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