3 Trends to Dominate Mobile Application Development in year 2015

As you must be well aware that 2015 is almost here and people are getting more curious and excited. When it comes to technology and development there are a number of things to look forward to. Mobile industry is the one industry that will see quite a number of changes. According to statistics and different researched many people have said that mobile application development is only in its initial state and will continue to grow impressively in the coming year 2015.

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iOS will be overtaken by Android

Ever since Jobs started off with other work in paradise, from Wikipedia it can easily be observed that around 60% of the mobile market all over the world was owned by Android in the year 2013 and until now you can say that the percentage has increased to 70%. Currently, iOS brings in more revenue from developer prospect because 20% of the market share is owned by it and another reason being that iOS is updated more frequently. But this trend is changing now, the core attention of Google has moved to Google Play services which is an independent updateable version of the core OS so developers are now putting their complete attention on the apps. 2015 will be a huge year for Android.

Cloud applications

We all have heard or know about cloud world of the internet in one way or the other. Recently the concept of Cloud Apps is also coming into scene. Cloud applications are like a hybrid between the traditional desktop based applications and the traditional web-based applications. In the past few years, Google trends have shown that cloud apps are becoming more and more popular; these provide advantages of both software’s with fewer drawbacks. Just like desktop based applications, cloud apps can provide you with the same user experience, immediate response to your actions in offline mode. So what can we expect from cloud apps in the coming year? Well, first of all, majority of the future applications will be coded for the cloud directly. In addition to this, these applications will use the cloud-hosted services provided by the cloud providers.

Parallax Scrolling

If you are not aware of this, then parallax scrolling can be used in such design where you want tell some sort of story or provide depth and animation to the images. Such stuff for sure brings a “wow” factor to any application and also keeps visitors on the web-page for longer duration because they take it as a novelty. One pitfall here is with such sites is that the interface can get tricky for the users to understand at times. The time for loading the page can also increase and some users can leave the website by getting frustrated for waiting too long. It’s kind of a challenge to use such scrolling but if done properly it can take your website to an entirely next level.

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