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10 Mobile Games to Keep Your Mind Sharp

Of the many pressing and far-reaching health problems our species face these days, stress and anxiety can easily top the list as it may trigger the onset of a lot of other complex diseases. While working out daily is an important part of our physical health, training your brain with certain activities is equally imperative to a healthy brain. Mental changes not only affect our physical health but also influence our sense of well-being and our involvement, behavior and productivity in the society.

Cells phones are the one thing that we keep close to ourselves for most part of the day and while some suggest excessive use of technology is bad for health, some argue that it is only a matter of perspective and the same technology that may have bad effects can be put to good use as well. A lot of mobile apps have been developed in the past few years which promote mental health through participation of the user in activities designed to reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety, and improve psychological functioning.

If we are going to be staring at our phone screens for so long anyway, why not utilize that time and opportunity to train our brains and become smarter? A disclaimer that should be given here is that these apps are not revolutionary and only behave as tools to provide you better control over your brain and its health. Mentally challenged individuals need special attention, care and treatment from professionals which cannot be replaced by these apps at all.

Here are a few amazing brain training apps that can help you in improving your memory, decision-making and cognitive abilities.

  1. Lumosity (iOS)

Leader in brain-training apps, Lumosity was developed in 2007 and has since gained over 70 million users. This app is based on a number of cognitive science studies which indicate that various brain exercises can enhance your mental ability and strength. The app is divided into three types of sessions which are designed to improve your memory, attention, problem solving ability, decision-making speed and ability to think quickly. A single session of the game, as claimed by developers, can have positive and notable change in your mental health. Although the basic program is free but you can pay to subscribe for more activities.

  1. BrainHQ (iOS)

Created by a team of almost 100 neuroscientists, BrainHQ offers 25 different types of exercises and tests that include pattern recognition, attention build-up, face recognition etc, which can help in improving your brain’s capability. Work with either the pre-designed programs or you can even set your own curriculum.

  1. Eidetic (iOS)

What is suffers usually with age is one’s memory and this app is build to enhance your memory in a fun way. Eidetic uses a technique called spaced repetition that helps you memorize a number of important stuff in the most fun and engaging way. Whether it is important phone number, fun facts or words, you can rely on this app to improve your memory. The activities are timed at intervals which help you retain the information in long-term memory.

  1. CogniFit Brain Fitness (iOS)

The company created in 1999 usually worked to investigate the ability of software to enhance human brain in its performance. CogniFit focuses on improving cognitive abilities like your memory and concentration by using 10 fun and addictive challenges developed by expert neuroscientists. You can track y performance with the app and see how much you are improving.

  1. Circles (iOS)

Besides the complex brain-training apps there lay some amazing minimalist apps as well. Circles an app from Snowman offers you single activity with an uncluttered and clean presentation which can have amazing effects on your short term and long term memories. The game challenges you to watch a number of patterns and repeat them.

  1. Personal Zen (iOS)

Based on two animated characters one of which looks calm while the other angry, the game focuses on improving your ability to divert your attention towards positives in life. This game is amazing at reducing anxiety and stress by diverting one’s attention from negativity. One session of this game is claimed to improve resilience.

  1. 100 Logic Games (iOS)

As the name suggests the game, developed by Andrea Sabbatini, offers 100 different fun and logical tasks that are designed to improve your analytical reasoning and problem-solving abilities. 100 games in one app means the app is packed with content and you will definitely find some that go with your mood.

  1. Happify (iOS)

Research shows that some healthy brain activities can help you overcome the negative thoughts and energies in your life keeping you stress-free, hopeful, happy and grateful, all of which make up for a happier life. Based on positive psychological laws, this app enhances your inner strengths through polls, quizzes and journal which are built to keep you happy and content all day long.

  1. Fit Brains Trainer(iOS and Google Play)

What’s better than a brain-training app offering you 360 unique games and puzzles which are designed to improve your mental capability of logical thinking, problem solving and decision-making? As you progress in the game it offers you harder challenges to overcome. You can also keep a track of your performance through various tools and options.

  1. Clockwork Brain

Yet another amazing app with a number of mini-games that are built to enhance your cognitive abilities is Clockwork Brain. Instead of going for the simple, clean look like other brain-training apps, Clockwork Brain flaunts a retro interface. Play through various games, earn in-game currency to unlock more tasks and the better you do the harder it gets. Sounds juicy, right?

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