10 Hot Programming Languages

Computer is a small word but it holds the whole world inside. From planet Earth top to toe, left to right we see computer presence everywhere. Computers has virtualized, inspired and have given a new dimension to every field. As humans communicate through different language means. Similar, is the case with computers. In order to put head inside computer world one must know following basic languages which are on a verge of rise in 2015.

1. Java

java2  final

Java is everywhere, if you belong to a computer background or not. You should have heard people whispering about Java.

In computer languages Java is a ruler of all the languages which computer understands. Java came into being back in 1995 developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems.

The language is extremely strong for enterprise level projects and works efficiently across multiple platforms. This language is highest in demand. Whether it is web applications, games or mobile apps Java is always there for the rescue.

Where to Learn : Udemy, Lynda, Oracle, Learn java online.


2. C Programming

C final

Taking a close second position is the C language which was created somewhere is the 70s and is oldest and widely used programming language at present. It has the capability of providing building blocks for a number of languages like Python, C# and Java. Operating systems are mostly developed with the help of this language.

Where to Learn : Learn-C,,, Learn C The Hard Way.


3. Python

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Python is a high level programming language which can support a number of paradigms of programming like object oriented and procedural. Python has multiple libraries already developed which speed up the development processes. This language is extensively used in research areas. YouTube is entirely based on Python!

Where to Learn : Udemy, Codecademy,,,


4. C++

C++ final

As the name itself is pretty suggestive, this language is an upgraded version of C supporting object-oriented features of programming. Firefox, Adobe are all powered by C++. This language is used to develop software, games and client/server applications.

Where to Learn: Udemy,,,,


5.  C#

C#  final

The pronunciation is “C-Sharp”! Yes, now let’s get to the language itself. It was developed by Microsoft as an alternative to Java. This language is used to create software for Windows and Microsoft.

Where to Learn: Udemy,, Microsoft Virtual Academy,


6. Php

PHP final

Php is hypertext processer. This is a general purpose scripting language which is a perfect fit for development of websites as it can be embedded into HTML. The original purpose of this language was to be able to create dynamic web-pages. This is quite a favourite language of web programmers.

Where to learn: Udemy, Codecademy,, Treehouse, Zend Developer Zone,


7. Ruby

ruby final

This is an open-source language. It’s dynamic and has its core in productivity and simplicity. The syntax of this language is easy to read and write. This is getting attention in the enterprise world as it is getting offered in PaaS (platform-as-service) and hosting environments. If you know this language you have quite great chances of getting employed at a well-paid position.

Where to learn: Codecademy, Code School,, RubyMonk.


8.  SQL

SQL final

Structured Query Language is a specific language which is used for managing and creating database management systems. With all the fuss of “Big-Data” going on these days, having a strong grip on this language can prove to be very fruitful. Though every programmer knows the basics of this language, but being a master of it is something else, and keep in mind that there are very few people who know all the ins and outs of this language.

Where to Learn:,,,


9. HTML5



This is a markup language whose main use is to structure and present the content of the website. This is the 5th version of HTML and is playing quite an important role in mobile app development as it provides diversified paths to the developers.

Where to Learn: W3schools, Udemy, Microsoft virtual academy.


10. Java-Script

javascript final

Though you will read a lot of criticism on this language but still the demands are quite high. It was on number one position at Stack Overflow’s job listing in the year 2013 and held the same position in both San Francisco and New York. The language is basically a client end scripting language and was developed by Netscape. It is quite popular in web development and something which you should definitely learn if you want to become a programmer.

Where to Learn: Codecademy,, Code School, Treehouse,



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