10 Awesome Google Fonts for Website

We know that content is king and typography is in the spotlight in todays clean, modern and simple web designs. Remember to give plenty of time and attention to font selection for your website because it can literally make or break your website.

Google Fonts presents the largest free collection of brilliant fonts where you are bound to find your perfect match. If you are brainstorming for suitable font types then take a look at these favourites which have been flaunted in some of the most popular websites this year.

Playfair Display

This has that vintage feel to it yet it may be used in modern settings especially creative ones. The “y”s are particularly eye catching and unlike any other popular font. The three weights it offers also come in italics so let your imagination run wild with this one.

Google Font : Playfair Display

Open Sans

Providing over ten different styles, Open Sans is a favourite among web designers worldwide. It is refreshingly modern and not too overwhelming even in its bold form. It is great for headings or body text and may be molded to fit your unique perspective.

Google Font : Open Sans


Old school type writer vibe going on which is apt for several environments. If you don’t want any soft curves to your font and wish to impart a more human touch to it then this is a great font for you. obviously you do not want to use italics with this one but it comes with two healthy weights.

Google Font : Inconsolata

Archivo Narrow

This is a condensed font so if you wish to use a tall vertical font that imparts height to your web page or saves space then this is a good option. You can use its italicized form for putting stress in all the right places. The two weights it provides are very helpful in categorizing website content.

Google Font : Archivo Narrow


This is a wide font that demands instant attention so it works quite nicely for headings and titles. It comes in a dotted form as well which is pretty cool along with its distinct “w” alphabet style. it has over ten delectable styles which you can explore to your heart’s content.

Google Font : Raleway


This font looks fun and has that cute quality to it that can be used for both casual and formal themes. It works very well with images as well as blank backgrounds. You may prefer the italicized Chivo for some kinds of website content and the two weights widen the possibilities.

Google Font : Chivo


This is a gentle font but has an edgy feel to it which makes it versatile and even more attractive. The juxtapositions of the main style make it appealing to a large number of websites. It comes in two weights that can both be italicized.

Google Font : Arvo

Varela Round

This is no nonsense font which is rounded and simple but it can be applied in a wide variety of websites because it is very adaptable. It has one weight so it really comes in handy to add uniformity to your website.

Google Font : Varela Round


If you love traditional fonts with a twist then Cardo is right up your alley with its distinctly sharp slopes on a standard structure. It has an italicized version as well as two weights as a bonus.

Google Font : Cardo


This is an excellent choice for web designers who love playing around with weights while keeping it simple with just one great font. It has five weights so feel free to go crazy with it.

Whatever type face you choose in the end, test it thoroughly and make sure that blends in with the overall look and feel of your website. Many of the most beautiful websites this year reign supreme merely because of their clever use of typography.

Google Font : Poppins

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